长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州98场推荐 The next morning, Wu Tian woke up and found a giant not far away. Only when he saw it did he find that it was Yuan Tianzun. Wu Tian hurriedly asked, "Hello, what can I do for you?"

The next morning, Wu Tian woke up and found a giant not far away. Only when he saw it did he find that it was Yuan Tianzun. Wu Tian hurriedly asked, "Hello, what can I do for you?"


Yuan Tianzun’s facial expression said, "Everything happens by accident. In the past 500 years, there has been a king who will be famous in the world. Now the feudal princes hope to make contributions and support the famous master."
Wu Tianwen turned and left. There is no doubt that this is a place to establish a trade union, and Yuan Tianzun said that it is nonsense to make soup and destroy the Zhou room. This is not an accident, but a fairy fight. Zhou Wang suffered. Speaking of this war, the most bitter thing is Zhou Wang. Of course, Wu Tian is afraid to say these words when he thinks about it.
You know, Zhou Wang was so miserable because he had committed a poem to the idol of Nu Wa, and he was ruined by the country. If he dared to talk nonsense, it would be worse than Zhou Wang.
It’s even more boring to create a vassal state, Wu Tian. After spending a day in the game world, I didn’t even find a player. What’s the point of Wu Tianke being sure that he is a player and a trade union now?
Once again, I paid 1 piece and sent it to Surabaya, where the white jade wheel kept flying. In less than half a day, it rose to level 3 and went to a place to wear clouds.
But when it comes to wearing a cloud, I’m dumbfounded. Four swords are inserted in the city, like what Yuan Buddha, Red Essence, Nezha Huanglong Road flyover, and the Virgin of Fire Spirit is surrounded, especially there is a cash cow around the Virgin of Fire Spirit.
Wu Tian found a "warm-hearted" child because he was too "warm-hearted". Wu Tian also "gave" the child a piece, which almost gave Wu Tianqian money, but he also got the distribution map of the whole cloud-piercing monster.
Then Wu Tian was scared out of the city. According to Tong Yuan’s words, "There is a black crystal area in the northeast of Chuanyun, where black crystals turn into monsters, but there are some immortals outside the East Gate from time to time."
The talking child was thrown down by a roaring black wind. When I saw it on Wu Day, I found that the black wind was a man riding a panther with the words Shen Gongbao hanging from his head. Shen Gongbao rode a panther to shoot the child directly after his death and said to the child’s body, "Friends, your money is destined for me."
Tong was resurrected in a short time, and before the city gate, he gave Shen Gongbao the money he had just got from Wu Tianqian, and then he returned to the city. The four soldiers looked around one by one as if they didn’t see it.
Seeing this scene, there is a bad cold in Wu day. Although your sister’s world is different from the list of gods, it is not so different! Especially in Shen Gongbao, it’s actually windy.
Looking at the words level 15 above Shen Gongbao’s head, Wu Tian felt that he couldn’t go out of the city. I didn’t know that a Hong Ling suddenly flew out of the sky and bound Shen Gongbao together with a panther.
A figure flew out of the city, and the newcomer stepped on hot wheels’s hand and pointed a gun. There is no doubt that Nezha Nezha said to Shen Gongbao, "Shen Gongyou, your money is destined for me."
Talking is also necessary to poke Shen Gongbao with a pointed gun in his hand, but Shen Gongbao looked at Nezha with a stubborn face.
Chapter two hundred and ten King Gai Di Hu
"What are you looking at?" Nezha said fiercely, Northeast dialect is full of northeast ballast. This picture is so spicy!
"Look at you?" Shen Gongbao replied to Nezha that this man Wu Tianyou had a feeling that he had come to the wrong world. Wu Tian felt that it was more like a studio in Northeast China than the game world of gods.
"Friends’ secret code is right. Let’s go." Nezha praised Shen Gongbao with a thumbs up, then pulled Shen Gongbao and was ready to leave with hot wheels.
Wu day smell speech just know two people turned out to be a group of hemp eggs two scheming bitch at the same time, as wu day praised a the two men finally ready to wipe a forehead cold sweat grow a sigh of relief, the two guys have a windfall, I will go out to play tricks at the same time, wu day also ready to play tricks out of the city.
At this time, a Hong Ling roll arrived at Wu Tian at the same time, and Nezha Nezha looked at Wu Tiandao, who was trapped. "The thief tried to run after listening to our autumn wind gang signal."
Wu Tian wants to cry! It is not a good thing to come to Nezha. Now, alas, Wu Tian already feels that life is hopeless.
"Do we have any last words besides helping others know that we are dying?" Nezha raised his hand with a pointed fire gun and said with a face of threat.
"Yes, everyone else has to die except helping others," Shen Gongbao also threatened to say in front of Wu Tian.
Wu day suddenly feel wrong! Then twist a head to see that the four guards at the East Gate are blushing, and they want to laugh, but they dare not.
Wu day seems to understand what their secret code is to be covered up unless it is the autumn wind to help the public. This Nima is to forcibly collect labor and capital as a younger brother!
On second thought, it’s not bad to be Nezha’s younger brother. After all, Nezha is Wu Tian’s childhood memory, but it can’t be that simple. So Wu Tian was confused and said, "Nezha, why don’t I get you a new code and let me go?"
"No, now you must." Nezha refused without hesitation, but then Nezha was covered by Shen Gongbao in the middle of his speech.
Shen Gongbao said to Wu day after clutching Nezha’s mouth, "Say the new code first."
"I can’t do this. I want to get a promise not to kill me." Wu Tian regretted it when he finished. This gave them an excuse to accept himself as a younger brother!
Sure enough, Shen Gongbao smiled and said, "Okay, I promise not to kill you and let you join the Autumn Wind Gang, but if the code doesn’t work, I will kill you!"
Looking at Shen Gongbao, a smiling tiger, and Wu days, I feel a chill in my spine. Shen Gongbao is much stronger than Nezha. Of course, this aspect of IQ is worse than force or Nezha. After all, Nezha’s head is against the words of grade 24 and grade 3 to Jin Xian and Nezha.
"Heavenly King Gaidi Tiger Pagoda Town River Demon" Wu Tianzhuang looks like talking about it, but with a smile on his mouth, nine out of ten people on the earth will think slanting, but the effect here is different.
Shen Gongbao incredibly constantly muttered "heavenly king Gaidi tiger pagoda town river demon good! Good signal. King Gaidi Tiger Pagoda Town River Demon is good. "
Shen Gongbao speaks with his head bobbing, and Nezha is not rich compared with Shen Gongbao. Besides, I didn’t expect the four gatekeepers to be lost in thought.
Looking at the four guards, Wu Tian suddenly remembered the ten men who had just been caught gloating. At this time, looking at them and hearing the secret code, Wu Tian felt that the time had come, so he quickly complained that "the Shen Gongbao gate guards listened to our secret code and went to cut them down."
"Let’s go. From now on, you are our autumn wind gang three Wang." Shen Gongbao turned a deaf ear to Wu Tian’s words and directly caught Wu Tian behind the panther, then the panther ran and flew to the east in Nezha.
"By the way, I still don’t know the name of Daoyou?" When Panther was back, Shen Gongbao gently asked to tell the truth. Wu Tian was a little afraid of Shen Gongbao’s name. After all, it was not good to be called an aisle friend field by Shen Gongbao, such as a former Taoist child
"My name is Wu day, and you don’t call me a friend. Just call me Wu day directly." When Wu day’s eyelids jumped, he said that he didn’t admit that he was nervous and pushed his head to be sick
Sure enough, my eyelids are pounding when I talk to the disaster star.
"Well, I’ll call you Wu Day." After Shen Gongbao finished this sentence, he crossed his legs and practiced Panther’s back.
How do you know Wu Tian? Nonsense, Wu Tian is not blind, and he keeps saying that he will increase his experience by being beside a certain uniting power.
Wu Tian silently counted one. Every ten seconds, there will be one that shows that you will gain 2 experience by being next to a certain uniting power.
And get more experience with Wu Tian’s upgrade.
Panther doesn’t run bumpy at all, but it’s very volts, and Panther’s back is quite wide, which is not much worse than Simmons.
Panther ran for about an hour and ran to a fork in the road. The right road was the Black Crystal Area the night before, and it was also the place where Wu Tian was going, but Panther ran to the left road. It was obvious that Nezha did not intend to go to the Black Crystal Area.
It didn’t take long to meet a crack, at least 500 meters deep, and the panther jumped up. Wu day suddenly became scared in a cold sweat. Although the world can’t die, Wu day is still very nervous!
When Wu Tian was extremely nervous, he flew up in the panther, and the panther stepped very fast, but he crossed half the abyss in ten seconds, and Wu Tiansong breathed a sigh of relief, when the panther’s whole body fell into the abyss.
"Mom, I have to hang up." Wu Tian shouted. Two sounds came to mind: Mother Earth and mother Luo Xiaoyu after crossing.
It wasn’t long before Wu day found that the panther had stopped falling. Wu day, the panther reached the bottom of the abyss or had stopped a platform protruding from the abyss, but Wu day looked at the panther and it was still an abyss.
Shen Gongbao turned leopard Nezha also appeared here. Shen Gongbao said to Wu Tian, "Come quickly. I stole it from heaven and stepped on it."
Shen Gongbao said that he stamped his feet on the foot. Wu Tian saw the leopard and immediately saw a very strange scene
Chapter two hundred and eleven I treat you like a big brother, but you want to be my little brother.
In front of my eyes, there is a square filled with all kinds of tables, tables filled with all kinds of food, and there are many strange people.
Covered in fiery red hair, the size of a face is comparable to a heavy truck. The left arm is wearing a shoulder armor with a black horn and a face with black teeth. There are always two saber-toothed jaw red hairs like saber-toothed tigers, and a gold ring is tied around the ape’s head with the words 2-level Archaeosaurus.
There are also two guys who are 10 meters tall and have mixed colors and green wings behind them. Two big guys have names on their heads, which are level 12 Zheng Lun and level 12 Chen Qi.
I thought about it for a while. Zheng Lun and Chen Qi seemed to be two generals. I thought about it, too. Two generals will come. They are weak chickens. Wu Tian lamented others, but they forgot that they were only level 6, and they only reached level 6 when Shen Gongbao was practicing.
In addition, like what Lei Zhen da ji Tianlu is scattered, thirty or forty level 1 bosses are stunned to see Wu Day.
"Brother Wu, this is our autumn wind to help our lair eat and drink. Let’s have a windfall." Shen Gongbao hugged Wu day and sat down at a table. Wu day also ate some reluctantly, but Wu day picked up speed after eating the first bite.
I just got a 25-level increase in the experience of eating different fruit Suzaku on Wu Day.
Wu day is to eat a fruit rose three levels, Wu day, of course, to continue to eat.
But at the same time, Wu Tian didn’t forget one thing: "Shen Gongbao’s brother just heard our signal from four guards at the city gate, do you want to cut them down?"
Nezha Wu Tian said, "Brothers, I have a new brother. His name is Wu Tianhou. It is our autumn wind gang. The three gang leaders helped us think of a new code. What do you think of the river demon brothers in Baota Town?"
"This Wu day brother just that a few guys are your brother, my family will know what you know" Shen Gongbao said to Wu day.
Wu day was shocked at that time, and his targeting top expression kept changing. No wonder! When Wu Tian looked up again, how did he feel murderous and locked himself!
Looking for the murderous look, Wu Tian found that he had just seen those big men, Taikoo suddenly and violently apes, Lei Zhen, da ji, Tianlu and so on, and looked at himself combatively.
"What’s the matter? Is there anything wrong? " Wu tianyi face koo asked Shen Gongbao.
"It’s nothing because you have become three Wang’s. You can mobilize the materials to help them. They are jealous of you and you can be challenged after ten years of Wang’s position." Shen Gongbao pointed to Taikoo’s violent ape and so on, and said to Wu Tian with an understatement of murder.
"oh! It’s a good thing that the three leaders have challenged the rules of the leader, but it shouldn’t be very precious to have a big leader and a second leader to suppress the materials I get! In comparison, it will be easy to meet the challenge! " Wu day also said with a relaxed face, because it is easy to say, Wu day words can be heard by everyone.
"This may be a bit out of your expectation. Big Wang soared to a higher level in the world 195 years ago, and so did Second Wang 36 years ago." Shen Gongbao is still an understatement. It has nothing to do with him to come here.
Wu Tianwen was stunned by others’ eyes and gathered around Shen Gongbao and asked, "How can this be the case? How can you choose me as the three Wang? It’s completely unreasonable!"
"This is a rule left by the big Wang. Choose the Wang and send a new code to the autumn wind gang to be the Wang."
"What’s the secret code of Ma Dan Wang and Er Wang? Let me hear it." Wu Tian was a little annoyed and was forced to accept it. When the younger brother didn’t expect to be forced to be the eldest brother, he didn’t expect it to be because of the wonderful rules. Finally, he didn’t expect Shen Gongbao to be the most loyal guy. When the autumn wind helped the crowd to kill themselves with their eyes, Shen Gongbao was eating, and it was all wrong.