"Is there such a thing?"


"The Confucian world. The coat is very gorgeous, and many wonderful theories are very tempting. Unfortunately, the horse shit is shiny outside, but the inside is full of dross. As long as it takes 300 years, you will know what Confucianism is like. In the past dynasties in ancient China, the folk wealth was not more than three generations, and there was a folk song of "Never die when you are old, but your family is not prosperous". Why is this so? According to the Confucian idea, all the virtues’s filial piety comes first. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is a pity. Confucianism can’t handle the relationship between filial piety and development well. Not only that, but it has also developed to an extreme point. In a family, the old man is old and ignorant, and he is also the head of the family, and he also has absolute right to speak, and so is the old lady. Such a family is full of vitality, and young children and grandchildren have all kinds of measures to promote their families. It is difficult to have room for development because it is not filial. The same is true of the court. Only when the emperor holds the outline can he know different things. Do whatever you want. However, how can a country’s major events be handled in this way, so the ancestral law is immutable. At the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the state system governed thousands of people. After 200 years, the number of Chinese people has increased to tens of millions, and the ancestral system has been reused, and the lake is filled with seawater. How can the lake not burst its banks and its country not be defeated? Because of the extremely filial piety and disorderly laws (some laws are the laws for the existence and development of things), the court is indifferent to the past, does not think about reform, and will not reform. More unexpected factors, the dynasty changed, the reasons for the change, the uprising of the people, the bursting of the Great Lakes, or the weakness of the country, scheduling chaos and attracting outsiders. "
"Jade emperor Buddha is not weak, and the scheduling is still orderly …"
"It’s no use. Confucianism is not made, and it will not be harmful; Confucianism becomes a system, that is, heaven and man, and there will be a day when blood and tears burst out. Confucianism is like the poppy drug, as long as it is eaten, it will be
Palm. In ancient China, Confucianism in the era of Confucius and Mencius was twice as popular as poppy. However, at that time, it was the Warring States period, and the princes and monarchs did not dare to use it lightly. However, Confucius was a master of communication. According to legend, Confucius had 72 disciples and 3,000 students all over the country at that time. Mencius, on the other hand, entered the upper classes of other countries and spread Confucianism, laying a solid foundation for Confucianism to finally be honored by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. At this time of Confucianism, there are still hundreds of participants, and the way of Huang Lao checks and balances, so the harm is not very good. By the end of the Han Dynasty, the development of Confucianism gradually became opium, and some alchemists recommended it to Emperor Hanwu, perhaps because of the social situation at that time. You know, even drugs are medicinal. It’s just that opium is opium, and Emperor Hanwu is wise. Without knowing it, after taking it, plus the folk scholars who have become powerful, they blow the stick, and their spirit is radiant, and they have a good fist and a powerful trick, which defeats the Huns in foreign countries, writes down the slogan of being strong and strong, and those who make strong Han Tianwei will be punished far away. But I don’t know how Confucianism can have this ability, because it is an emperor; Second, because it was in its prime of life, and third, the former dynasty left a lot of wealth and armor. It’s a pity that this fellow doesn’t know what to do, and because Confucianism preaches the divine right of kings, he won his favor more than the way of Huang Lao and hundred schools of thought, so he ousted a hundred schools of thought and respected Confucianism alone. Therefore, the Han civilization has been sluggish since then, and there is no strength to shake it up. Just like people, taking opium for a few years means that their heads are filled with countless ambitions, but their limbs are weak and they are weak to lift it, not to mention a nation that has only used Confucianism as its spiritual food for thousands of years. In ancient China, there were many monarchs in the middle and late period, but in the face of Confucian scholars and folks who were numb and indisputable,In the face of the Confucian officials in the court, what can they do? So they perverted to slaughter the court officials as dogs. And Confucian scholars, is the most character of Confucian scholars, is indeed a dog … "
"Ha ha, little friends don’t move, don’t move …"
"Four spirit elder welcome, boy will move what spirit. Just sigh with emotion that ancient China fell behind in this atmosphere, and even more angry that many men who can become true heroes have become a loyal dog … "
"loyal dog?"
"Yes, for example, Yue Fei, the general of the Southern Song Dynasty, who was hailed as a national hero, if the historical facts were not wrong, he could ignore the Southern Song Dynasty and plead for the people, pointing to the north. It’s a pity that this fellow is loyal to his country, loyal not to adherents, and loyal not to the country … Maybe he doesn’t even have a real concept of what a country is. So I got back twelve gold medals and was slaughtered as a dog by Emperor Zhao of the Southern Song Dynasty, which caused a sigh! "
"Xiaoyou doesn’t seem to sympathize with his experience?"
"Devoid of blood, willing to be a dog, what can I sympathize with? In ancient China, from the great scholar down to Wang, as long as there was a mouthful of food, no one could stick to his ideas to the end, only knowing that he was attached to the superior. Therefore, many people regard the demise of the dynasty and the national crisis as ridiculous incurred by the rulers. In fact, they are not. The roots are rotten, and the people, including the great scholars, are servile. How can we expect to be superior? "
"But the soul of the Han Dynasty is immortal?"
"Wrong, it is not the eternal soul of Han. It’s just a little primitive nature of human beings, an instinct to survive. It’s just that this instinctive vitality can’t compete with Confucianism, that is, outsiders, and Yuan Meng and Man Meng have been bypassed by Confucianism within a hundred years. The fist of Confucianism is not so good, but not everyone can resist the power of controlling the mind based on power. Confucianism automatically makes itself the leader of this world. I wonder which emperor doesn’t like it. Therefore, even the founding emperors of past dynasties knew the harm of Confucianism and couldn’t resist the temptation of this custom. Even if he could resist it, the second generation of emperors couldn’t resist it. "
"So, the Jade Emperor’s Great Buddha only robbed from the outside, but not from the inside …" The four spirits of Taixu understood.
"It’s true, imperial vault day besides three sweeping honour, which may not be a fairy can’t serve his orders. In the Confucian world, you die and the people suffer, and you can’t blame anyone. The Jade Emperor is a great Buddha. It’s not that he’s not strong. It’s that after imperial vault became a Taoist, he was arrogant, and a group of immortals let life slip past them. He seldom made progress, and he didn’t dare to make progress, because if he went up to a certain extent, he would be suspicious of the Jade Emperor’s great Buddha, which would lead to fatal disaster. Therefore, the ability of the golden monkey and the stone spirit in those days can also turn the heaven of Shaoqing upside down. The jade emperor’s heavenly death can be called self-weakness. As a sovereign, I don’t know the truth of’ weak people means weak countries’. The universe is balanced. If you are weak, he will be strong. If the strong want to be stronger, they have to plunder resources, so how can the weak be comfortable with the beautiful land? Therefore, imperial vault’s resentment of staying in the four poles of Taixu could be called weak gas and laziness. It has no resistance and loyalty, but it is more rubbish than Saman’s interpretation, which gives a rush to chaos’s fierce breath, which is weak and strong, and this breath has opium ability, which can make organisms excited instantly, so the organisms that appear after synthesis must be quite violent and thief. As the earth yuan era fighters … "
"Well," the four spirits of Taixu sighed, "The Jade Emperor is finished!"
It’s really over, too. At this time, the imperial vault Heavenly Immortals and Sanqingdaozun seem to be trapped by some space, and they are sitting still to resist the pressure of space, but this space doesn’t stay at the scene, and gradually they are heading for the depths of the two worlds.
The Jade Emperor’s great Buddha made a total of 40,000 immortals, and it was under the impact of many crazy monsters synthesized by chaos and imperial vault’s heavenly hatred, that it was difficult. In fact, there are not many monsters, and the number of them is more than a thousand. However, the fierce and fierce monster frightened a bunch of emperors’ domes. This is simply that the scholar met a soldier, which is unreasonable! The scholar’s weapon is preaching, but the soldier raises his fist. The weapons of the two are not right at all. There are a lot of 40,000 fairy instruments in imperial vault, but they are disturbing like words. They are only harsh and don’t hurt the body. Under the attack of many fairy instruments, the monster is unscathed, which makes 40,000 top-level pick fairy frustrated.
"These guys, don’t want to ignite the bloody deep in my heart, just want to deal with these chaotic foreign bodies by hand, it’s really …"
The four spirits of Taixu shook their heads, while the heavenly heart bowed its head. Blood should be light and easy to ignite, and Confucianism would not flood the land of ancient China for thousands of years. At this time, the 40,000 immortals in this field may have been washed into several sections, and they will not understand what blood is. This world … this heaven …

Chapter four hundred and forty-one Two worlds apart
In the end, the world of Buddhism and Confucianism is weakened as a whole. What is Confucianism? Man is the spirit of all things, and his spirit is manifested in ever-changing and self-knowledge. When Buddhism or Confucianism is in the forefront, man becomes the gram of all things. Strong, everyone knows that strong can make rules, but how can it be strong! Xingyuan world, earth, Buddhism and Confucianism were so powerful in those days, but now they are in peace …
Heaven is slight, no matter what exists, as long as it loses its exploration, or its mainstream does not have the heart to explore, it stops, or even acts as a stumbling block, and its weakness is only the length of time. Just like tens of thousands of immortals in the fighting field, their immortals are bloodless and too monotonous, so they lose their real profitability, and they can’t hurt the monster half a point, or they can’t hurt the monster a little.
Tianxin didn’t want to see the ending of imperial vault’s celestial immortals, because the ending had been decided, so he turned his eyes to the other two empty fights.
The first battle field is naturally a super monster in which the Great Sage and the Celestial Group of Saints are fighting for the synthesis of the breath of the four spirits and the breath of chaos. The Great Sage has a holy name. Therefore, the super monster that appears in the mouth of the group of saints is called the devil king. Such a huge and difficult thing is really bad to call each other a dark creature and any heresy!
"How, little friend, what method did you give him to die, the Lord of the Great Sage?" Too four spirit hey hey way.
"Boy which can give him a great avatar what method, his method should be his weakness. The guy of the Great Sage is not unassuming in character. Oriental practitioners are known as the three treasures of harmony, self-cultivation, self-cultivation and tolerance, which even affect the secular world. Unfortunately, eastern practitioners and even the secular world only rebuild their bodies and minds, and their understanding of Due is seriously inadequate. The western world, on the other hand, is quite biological, whether holy or human. Therefore, they are born with the ability to do this. There are even many ideas borrowed from the western secular world in the cultivation of the Great Sage, and the launch of the western secular world is nothing more than the three treasures of power, benefit and sex. Power refers to human rights, while interest refers to interests. Sex should refer to spirituality, but it is influenced too much by biology, so it becomes sex. Therefore, looking at western culture, from the holy spirit to Fanding, it is a holy and messy world. Great Holy God. In the eyes of the Western men and women in the early Qing Dynasty, they are all like things in extremely underpants, and they will be taken out and pounded if necessary. This is the robbery of the Great Sage God … The demon king is fierce. If the seniors of the Four Spirits look closely, they will find that this is a bull that is very easy to estrus! "
"Bull, no way, little friend, the gods of the Great Sage can’t fight a bull!" Too empty four spirits-way.
"Ha ha, four spirit predecessors, when the bull is in heat. The world will be as weak as a glass bottle, let alone all the saints in the world. Now this battle. But after a while, there will be results. Let’s take a look at the fighting field belonging to the ancestor of djinn Tian Yao! "
The second void fighting field is the fiercest fighting field. djinn’s spirit demon is less intelligent and only knows fighting force. Therefore, their object is a huge power monster, and their fighting is also the most pure. There is no question of weapon attributes right. If there is a problem, it is that the combined strength of 30,000 big spirits and demons in djinn is not as heavy as that of monsters.
This is the real law of the jungle. Respect for strength! Djinn day hook leakage bodhi old zu a face of despair, as if to see oneself will soon monster a piece of meat on his teeth.
"Power, power!"
The bodhi old zu has no words to raise heaven.
"Ha ha, little friend. You have enemies, too, "as the heart is fascinated, too four spirits suddenly way.
"The enemy. Where is it? "
"I hold a multi-dimensional civilization, cultivate it to the top, and there are thousands of means. It seems that it is insufficient to use it only. Therefore, my enemy is the whole world without boundaries."
"What do you mean?"
"The way of body use, single heart. Little friend, our four spirits are about to leave, escape from the nine heavens and follow the footsteps of the three chaotic gods. Xiaoyou goes to the two worlds, and our four spirits send Xiaoyou three words, shun, hold and reverse. If we carefully grasp these three words, Xiaoyou will be able to spend the two worlds safely and go to the mixed heaven, hehe … "
"You have to go, what should you do with cloud nine?"
"Gaga, there is nothing to do with us. Micro-roads are obvious, such as defending positions, saving people and losing land, and the land is still there; If people lose their land, they lose it all. Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei, Wei. Thank you for bringing Xingyuan world civilization, which has benefited us a lot and provided us with a perfect shape in the future. "
"Form, what form?"
"Sphere shape, ha ha, little friend, based on the center, spread outward, single hair, just a line; A small group sends it forward, and at most one sword. Line or sword, chaos in the void, are not ecological. The bastard who is too clear for four days has passed away today, which means that the master of four days does not understand the multidimensional way. Think of the stars and the earth, everything is competing for height. Although the earth is extremely uneven, there are mountains, seas and forests, it is a big ball from a distance in space. The ball is the most perfect multi-channel carrier, and the spirit is born on the condition that it can finally gather. However, if a living thing wants to become a Taoist career, how can it only stick to one direction? That is not the way of development, nor the way of chaotic existence. Little friend, the country is chaotic, there are thousands of people, thousands of directions, and the three systems are good! When we first entered the Nine Heavenly Spirits, our Four Spirits actually found out from our knowledge that the guild representing the development direction of the Tri-system China in the Star World reached 1.803 billion, while as for individuals, there were 10 trillion exploration directions, which shocked us at that time. And after thousands of years, so it is, so it is! We can finally get together in perfect form, stop the chaos and chase the three gods! "

Boy, congratulations to the four spirits. "In fact, four spirit words, many, after all, the beholder is clear, a word can shock nine continents.
"Little friend, be careful!"
With the words of the Four Spirits of Taixu, Tianxin and Shi Lingdou, who had previously been robbed from all the Buddhas in the Western Heaven, defeated the Buddha and stepped into the world beyond. It’s a great surprise for me to enter the world in such an uncontrolled way. Fortunately, I have already made arrangements for several countries in China. The only small regret is that I can’t see all the fighting scenes of imperial vault Heavenly Immortals, Great Sage Heavenly Immortals and djinn Heavenly Demons. Because at this time, Tianxin is with them in two worlds …
I can not recognize the true face of Lushan, because I am in Lushan.
Eternity and wisdom!
In fact, as soon as I entered the world, Tianxin was surprised.
It’s just that he was surprised that the time was very short, very short, with the sharpness of his knowledge. I only saw a very small idea, and finally I knew the meaning of "looking at the mountain and running a dead horse" mentioned by the four spirits of Taixu.
Practice makes true knowledge, and Tianxin will naturally not give up.
However, after a sudden crash, it was true that he had achieved the level of Fosun Yuan’s world at this time, and because of the improvement after the integration of the baby and the body, there was still no way to take this nameless world of outer space, and he was finally bounced back, and his knowledge could not be explored.
But outside the world, the four spirits in the void laughed. "This little friend, I really don’t know that his boundless cultivation has just started! Ha ha, now he’s in the impenetrable space between two worlds, just like … er … the fix-true person in the fix-true world of Xingyuan. However, his life force reaches a maximum of 100,000 light years, which is a small success. Let’s talk about the fix-true person at Yuanying level! Beyond the sky, it is a real new world for him! "
Tianxin has found that there are many mistakes at this moment when the four spirits of Taixu laugh.
First of all, his divine knowledge, like the human eye, can be seen, unseen, and can’t be seen no matter how stretched. Moreover, once the divine knowledge came out, there was no sense of distance in viewing everything, but now it has a sense of distance, and it also has a sense of clarity and ambiguity.
Secondly, chaos can not be completely invisible in this space.
There is also strength. From where Tianxin is now, the creatures and strengths he sees seem to be no worse than himself.