长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州98场推荐 Gu Qing has always been unable to see the concubine Gu Xin Fann because she is the first daughter. Therefore, Gu Xin did not have her own independent hospital. Instead, she separated three rooms in her aunt’s hospital and named them Moxiangxuan.

Gu Qing has always been unable to see the concubine Gu Xin Fann because she is the first daughter. Therefore, Gu Xin did not have her own independent hospital. Instead, she separated three rooms in her aunt’s hospital and named them Moxiangxuan.


Gu Qing is not close to Gu Xinyuan.
Coral’s heart was half gray when she heard Jasper say that, but she was calmer when she asked Gu Man this question. She looked up and sat leaning against the smoking cage. Gu Man thought for a while and then answered Gu Man’s words, "The girl was me. I don’t think you didn’t know that the ink chess in the four girls’ room was my aunt and cousin. Her mother was in charge of our second wife’s room that year. I went to the seven girls’ place this time and met her by the way after receiving the shoe samples. Besides, I said something together."
Although Pei Yin and Pei Qin knew that Gu Man was angry, she was naughty. I didn’t expect that there would be another time when they all thought about it, and they were all surprised.
At the same time, they are all a little scared.
Although the Hou mansion looks calm, everyone knows that several ladies and gentlemen have few good friendships and often have to compete in the mansion again.
Gu Qing, the four girls in the big room, is ready to come to Gu Man’s trouble, and Coral is actually a cousin with the four girls’ close-fitting girl, and they still hide it so well that they shudder at the thought.
It’s strange that Gu Man has been ill for so many days and hasn’t seen four girls come to visit once. It happened that Gu Man was better today, and when Gu Qing returned to the house, she came to the moon floor to make a scene. The more they thought about it, the more they felt that coral could not get rid of those words that were ready to help and plead, and they all took them back.
It’s really a clever girl. Knowing that she has doubts, she simply tells her everything about ink chess honestly.
But not only did she not feel open at this moment, but she also felt more and more frightened to know where a girl who was only eleven or twelve learned such a deep mind, and she knew nothing about it again.
She looked down at her again and sneered, "I don’t care if there’s anything else. I thought you were comfortable before, but today I don’t know if you’re not happy at all."
Coral was surprised. She didn’t expect Gu Manke to say this sentence directly. This is the meaning of driving herself away. But how is it possible that she and Gu Man have always been very good, and Gu Man has always maintained a small friendship with her. Are you going to drive yourself away with the ink chess sisters?
Although she does often reveal something to Gu Qing and often go to her room, she has never done anything more outrageous. Does Nine Girls have to do this again?
She gritted her teeth and wiped her face with tears, sobbing, "I didn’t say that the girl wanted to drive me away, but she should give me a statement at least, otherwise it would be better if I walked out of this door and bumped into that pillar!"
Pei Qin is careless in playing with everyone. Although she doesn’t like the act of haggling over every ounce before coral and taking advantage of petty gains, it is the sister’s heart that softens and she can’t help asking for her favor. "It’s no big deal for a girl to say …"
Pei Yin stretched out his hand and pulled her back to her original position. She didn’t change her face in her ear. "Ink chess has been going back and forth with us for several times. Have you forgotten to help four girls trip our girls?" If Coral really did something wrong to the girl, she deserved to be thrown out. If she didn’t do it, would it be difficult to get mixed up in our two rooms? "
She said that her voice was not small enough for everyone in the room to hear clearly.
Gu man is very full. yi took the corner of his mouth and looked at a face of consternation. Coral said, "Did you hear that? You can’t stay in my building this month, and you don’t have to die to scare me. Although I am young, she gently squatted down to the path in front of the coral. I remember that Mo Qi Niang swallowed a lot of things when she was in charge of my mother’s yard. At first, she wanted to see an official. Finally, she asked her aunt to calm this matter. Do you think that if you make a big noise in my room now, will your aunt take care of you?
Some people are born with a bad bone and are not familiar with it.
Say and smile happily blunt pei sound way "to find mother zhou to say I this month many people in the building I am dissatisfied with yi let her to pick for me! Pick me up and pick me up! "
Coral eyes got so wide that she collapsed to the ground involuntarily-Gu Man was right, and it was just a chess game for herself. The eldest wife wouldn’t be able to say anything fair to herself, and she was afraid that she would drag Gu Qingshui down and punish herself personally.
She doesn’t seem to know the person in front of her. She has been waiting on her since she was seven years old. She knows her sex very well, but now it seems that this is not the case.
Strangely, she vaguely felt that Gu Man would do the same thing in the past-she always thought what she wanted, but she still felt that Gu Man was different from before. The calm in her eyes was not a child’s eyes.
Ershier clue
Gu Jun didn’t come back again. This house has already prepared a banquet, and it can’t wait for it to be put out. When the theater is put out, the bench has been set up and it has fallen.
The old lady stood by the window and looked very ugly.
She’s not a wife who hasn’t gone through the world and stayed in the hospital. She vaguely saw something wrong from it.
Once it was because of an accident, what happened in the family, and the thief needed to stay in Tongzhou for a few days. This time, it was Lu Hanxuan who started the fever. Where is it so simple?
Remembering that the Duke came home not long ago and said that Lu Mo was going to Beijing to report on his work this time to get a kyou-kan job in this capital, she suddenly felt a little dazed if she could not persuade herself to let Gu Jun give up her thoughts.
In his letter, the old duke said it was clear that Lu Mo’s achievements in recent years were really good, but he was very at odds with Liu Jian of Nanfu Forest Farm. Because of the fact that Nanfu took over the practice palace, Liang was even worse. Liu Jian has now been promoted to Imperial Horse Supervisor, but he is second only to Sili Supervisor in twelve prisons. After going to this place, the future is limitless. This Liu Jian can no longer be an ordinary eunuch.
The key is that Liu Jian is not a generous person who doesn’t care. When he heard that he had not been transferred to Nanfu, he was working in Zhoufu. At that time, there was a proud eunuch in Zhoufu. At the beginning, he didn’t like Liu Jian’s design and framed him, which made Zhou Wang drive him out of the house and transferred him to Nanfu as a forest farm steward. The first thing Liu Jian did when he came back was to promote him to the eunuch. In less than four days, the eunuch died on the road to Imperial Horse Supervision.
So vengeful, despite the old lady’s worries, her face became more gloomy with a sigh.
Worried about it once, she couldn’t help blaming Lu Mo for offending anyone. Do you have to offend the most cruel and diabolical prison without half?
Although the letters from the second master and the third master are all to let her rest assured that she will delay for a few days, she knows that it is not so simple. The imperial horse supervisor has made an excuse for the rebellion of the secluded palace in the past few days, and it is not clear that the clean day will be set up in the city. I think Lu Mo also knows this, so she has been afraid to enter Beijing.
There are too many ways for the royal horse prison to punish people. Can it be avoided for a while or for a lifetime?
I was about to sigh when I heard a sudden soft footsteps in a quiet room. Without looking back, she said faintly, "How’s it going? Is there any news from the duke? "
The bearer is her proud confidant, Mammy Xu. Looking back, the old lady sent her to her family’s Huai’ an Houfu to ask Huai’ an Hou for information.
She bowed respectfully and said softly, "The duke said it was scary or asked to go to the teacher’s head."
It’s still the same as Gu Lao’s letter to the Duke. Wang Taifu’s protege is all over the world, and because he used to be a lecturer today, he has a friendship between teachers and students. No one dares to brush his face. If he comes forward, it may change a thing or two.
Gu old lady’s face is long. If she is asked to talk to Wang at ordinary times, it is simply impossible for them to gain power in the Wang family. What is their family concern?
But this review of the old lady knows that it is imperative for Wang to go back to her parents’ house to be timid around strangers.
Now there are faint signs of unrest in Shengjing. A few days ago, You Wang kept a private seal of a dragon robe in his house, which aroused the emperor’s great anger. The Royal Guards sent you to prison and many officials were involved.
If Liu Jian takes this to make an issue of it at this time, he will lead the dirty water to Lu Mo’s body … Gu’s old lady’s heart is cold, and her voice is somewhat cold. "I am afraid that Wang may not be willing to intercede with a teacher for us."
Speaking of it, it’s not a big deal. The two Wangs are in-laws and there is nothing complicated involved. If it’s such a trivial matter as usual, maybe Dr. Wang can look at Wang’s face.
However, the year before last, when Wang Guchang’s daughter-in-law came to Houfu to pay her respects, she was pushed by the old lady’s physical discomfort and was shut out, leaving her cold outside the courtyard and making her very embarrassed.
Then Master Gu said that he would send a beautiful maid to Uncle Wang Tingran, the Wangs, to exchange a concubine with him. I heard that Uncle Wang hardly turned against him on the spot and never boarded Hou Fu’s door again.
Speaking of which, it’s no big deal. The beautiful maidservant is often sent out to welcome her. Unfortunately, it was Wang’s birthday. It’s already inappropriate to ask his wife and eldest brother for a woman at a birthday party. What’s more, when I asked Master Gu, I met the Wangs. The beautiful maidservant Gu said that when I went back to my parents’ home with Wang, I paid attention to it in the backyard, which hardly made Uncle Wang angry.
After these two things, Gu Wang and his family, although the second name is good, are always faint and never warm again. This will suddenly make it difficult for Wang to intercede with her family.
Mammy Xu was about to open her mouth when she heard a few chirps coming out of the window as if she were stepping on real snow, so she opened the window and looked out of the window. No one turned her head again to discuss with Mrs. Gu.
"What did you say?" Fan didn’t know that Mrs. Gu was upset at the moment. She looked at the Wu family with her head bowed and sneered. "Nine girls really say that?"
"It’s true." The Wu family was quite nervous but still answered honestly. "Nine girls asked Coral and Jasper if they would go back from our four girls’ Shuyu Pavilion to stop these two maids, saying that she was not happy and was clamoring for the Zhou family to replace her."
I have long known that this girl has some ghosts! Are you unhappy? I’m afraid you’re not at ease, are you? She was stupefied for a moment, then waved to the Wu family to get up and asked, "Did Coral and Jasper get rid of them alone or did someone else get involved?"
The Wu family replied, "When listening to Mammy Qi talking to the Zhou family, I heard that anyone who can enter her room to wait on her needs to be changed. Not only that, but also the garden mistress needs to be changed. Nine girls have chosen the talents themselves."