长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州98场推荐 It took Tianxin a long time to understand this kind of combat with warships as the carrier in the starry sky, let alone Xie Wubing, who was untrained in the battlefield at the beginning of the calendar. It can be said that the whole battlefield was busy except this one person and one knowledge.

It took Tianxin a long time to understand this kind of combat with warships as the carrier in the starry sky, let alone Xie Wubing, who was untrained in the battlefield at the beginning of the calendar. It can be said that the whole battlefield was busy except this one person and one knowledge.


No blood! No pain! If the green light is lost to the death ray, the ship will be blacked out and headed for the dark star domain; The death ray lost to the green light, and the whole ship turned into nothingness in a shiny way. No wonder the dark side will consume the other side’s ammunition regardless of casualties, and after forcing the other side’s fleet, it will not use material force. This is really the best source of troops!
After the heavenly mind knows what is going on, if it has a face, it will definitely be red. It started from "common sense of the earth" and took three days to teach Xie Wubing that the triangular warship array is no longer needed. At that time, the gods scurried about in the dense melee. Suddenly, two starships several times larger than other ships appeared in sight, and the emitted dead light and green light were many times larger. The scene was quite spectacular.
After observing for a while, Tianxin found that the halo of dead light was a little bigger than that of green light. If it goes on for a long time, the green starship will definitely be demonized. Looking closely again, the two ships are the flagships of both sides, and when they compete, it is the end of this battle.
"Boy, it’s your turn to be down a peg or two, blue old man! Hey, drive over, he can’t hold on. "
But suddenly where rushed in the past, although xie unarmed third-level starship every green light, will sweep the dark ship in front of a certain range of empty, but the starry sky is vast, and there are too many magic ships stopped in front, as can’t help but scold the blue old man, nothing to do with you rushing so far!
"Boy, it’s too late. Give the ship to the co-captain, abandon the ship and prepare to move."
In the Dark Lord’s flagship, the 18-limb humanoid monster looked at each other’s flagship and retreated frequently to get rid of the pursuit of the ship’s death ray. He couldn’t help but "laugh" with excitement, thinking that the demon king would definitely give me fief this time. At that time, he was so beautiful that he laughed again, but in the eyes of nature and knowledge, everything was crying.
"Devil, grandpa is coming!"
The eight-legged humanoid monster was laughing happily, and a voice made a big noise in his head. You see, I don’t know when, the other side of the flagship stood in front of a crimson figure, the death ray from his flagship has dissipated. In addition, the red figure hands draw circles, and white light hits.
"Wow, wow." He shouted with anger, and while trying to make the Dark Lord’s flagship emit a dead light to resist the other side’s white light, he muttered, "What monster is this?" And the enemy for so long, he hasn’t really seen the appearance of the mysterious water man.
Xie Wubing never thought that he could attack in the void. His consciousness shrank in the sea of consciousness. For a while, he looked at his huge mind and mind, and then he looked at his hands with white light. He also heard his own voice in his ears.
"I can’t kill you! I can’t kill you! "
The death ray gradually lost to the white light and fell back. Tianxin played happily, driving Xie Wubing’s body, making Tai Chi handprints with his hands, and rushing into the dark ship group with white light all over his body, gradually making a passage in the crowded and solid space.
The dark Lord’s flagship made a sharp sound wave, and the dark Lord’s fleet heard it and slowly retreated. After a while, just now, the hustle and bustle of Weiyu vanity was quiet. A large number of Xuan water recycling ships arrived to clear the garbage in the void and collect materials that can still be used.
"Head, head, head, you are amazing!" Zhou Jinglin handed a glass of water, and her voice woke up Xie Wubing who had returned to the boat, but was still in a daze.
"No, it’s nothing. We won. Did the dark one retreat?"
After Xie Wubing regained control of his body, he only felt exhausted.
"Boy, don’t worry about other things, practice quickly! Otherwise, you will feel better. " In the sea of consciousness, there are good words in the heart.
"You, forget it, and treat me like a white mouse. Next time, don’t say it first, I am in a hurry with you! "
"Good, good, say first, say first, must say first! Boy, your spirit is too weak. How about it? I’ll give you a training. "
"Let’s talk about it when I wake up! So tired! "
"There is one more sentence!"
In a flash, Xie Wubing has been in concentration for 24 hours. In the sea of his consciousness, Tianxin is planning a special training plan while waiting for him to wake up! In the spacious hall of the former headquarters not far away, there is also a person waiting for Xie Wubing to come. At the celebration dinner being held, poor General Lan Huo sat on one side, thinking about what to say and having a good respect for this "crimson elder" who is both a savior and a war hero!
This time, what a white mouse!

Chapter 45 Letters to urge home
In 133 years, the League of Fine Arts did not expand for a year because all the Dark Star Fields were ready to "rob". There was unprecedented silence on the border of the fine alliance, and therefore, Xie Wubing, who was astounding in World War I, did not escape from the "poisonous hands" of the Academy of Sciences. Although this was a very polite invitation, and the red-banded warrior also experienced a year of spiritual training, he was still frightened.
"Boy, just go! I am afraid that this will really lose my face. "
"Brother Tianxin, who’s afraid? I don’t think those old men are attractive at all."
After a year’s spiritual training, Xie Wubing and Tianxin’s cooperation can be said to be intimate. Therefore, the second visit to Kemeng Hospital, Tianxin didn’t pay attention to this boy’s "meddling", and controlled his mouth shape to ask the president of Kemeng Hospital a difficult question.
"Dean, first of all, I declare that I didn’t come here for nothing … by the way, can you show me the life story of the glorious emperor recorded by the League?"
"This, yes, but on one condition, it is …"
While the old man was rambling, God knows early to let go of Xie Wubing, and went into the old man’s mind to search for the memory of the glorious emperor and related written language, and then drilled into the host server of the Kemeng Institute and the information of the library, locking everything in the search for the glorious emperor and the latest technology of the fine alliance.
The secrets of the world often exist in broken books! It’s like truth is only held by a few persistent people.
The life story of the glorious emperor is like a cloud, and the book is like a cloud. Brand-new and new workers, complete electronic data archiving, and a bookshelf full of books in Fiona Fang. Tianxin doesn’t look at these things, and it will be grateful if there is 0.00001% truth in them. Looking for glory in it, alliance historians may be confused, not to mention Tianxin, an "outsider" who doesn’t understand the situation!
In a warehouse full of old books and dusty in a corner, among many broken books, Tianxin wiped "sweat" and breathed a sigh of relief. The gods planned to turn into a small hand and gently brushed away the dust on the broken but inconspicuous booklet "Glorious Letters".
"I live in the upper bound, suddenly called, thinking a wisp, into this world. ….. is so huge that I can’t imagine it. The matter in this world is beyond my imagination. Fortunately, my body does not exist, but my soul is always there. After 30 years of spring, I feel that the Lord of this world will come. "
"I went to yi, preach the light left by the sages to give birth to a technique, not to guard against the enemy. Science and technology in the world can’t be fascinated, but if you are fascinated, you will be confused, your body can’t survive, and your spirit can’t be protected. Alas! Boundaries are connected, boundaries are different, creatures are different, and their lives are different, but their lives are short. Pity! "