长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州98场推荐 "It’s just a weapon, but you can’t use it with dignity. Are you still crazy?" . Tang Ye disdained it and took ignorance as his personality without shame.

"It’s just a weapon, but you can’t use it with dignity. Are you still crazy?" . Tang Ye disdained it and took ignorance as his personality without shame.


"Of course it’s dignified. You are an idiot and naturally you can’t feel it."
Bai Mei felt that he was simply suffering from discussing such a sacred thing with him, and wisely shifted his direction: "I tell you, boy, you can use this thing, or try not to use it." Even if there is enough soul power, I estimate that if the magic blade is to be really stimulated, it will probably need to absorb some spiritual power as an introduction. You’d better consider other ways. By the way, what do you think is the possibility of these people agreeing to that proposal? "
Tang ye glanced at his mouth and said angrily, "look at what you said, I am still very savvy." Don’t worry about that, this is what I am most sure of. "
"What is really attractive in my proposal is the foreign aid that sounds the most unreliable. My real purpose is only one, the best lingshi. "
"You old this level of characters, can pull a few godsworn do foreign aid, it’s too normal. There is no conflict of interest between overseas repair and tide light, and no one can find any reason to object. On the other hand, even if the emperor can win the battle of Kyoto, it must be weakened. If we can pull reinforcements from the distant highland continent, it is indeed a way out that can be adopted by Yihua. "
"They won’t easily and I … it should be said that to talk about specific things with you. I was actually prepared for this. For these old guys who engage in politics and intrigue, Tang Ye is really bored. Since I’m not in the mood to play with them, let’s just show our cards. If you can succeed, you can’t forget it. Although Tang Ye can’t taunt them, you can’t touch me in this situation now. At most, everyone beats and scatters, who cares who? "
"There are too many things I can’t think of, and I’m too lazy to think about it. Anyway, I know a little. With my skill, it takes hundreds of years of practice to get a treasure of this level, so don’t even think about it. If Tang Ye wants to go home, now is the best opportunity. "
"Besides, foreign aid is mutual. If this matter can be negotiated, when Tang Ye returns to Chena, there will still be many people staring at me. What shall I do then? If we can have a deification … At least it is also the angel of Yihua country after the Yuan Dynasty, with him around, hey hey … "
After a pause, Tang Qing said to himself, "Well, I’ve thought about it. If that happens, I’ll ask Aunt Yun to accompany me back. Spicy next door, let’s see who dares to call Lao Tzu. "
After listening to Tang Qing’s analysis, bridled sighed. I have to admit in my heart that this guy doesn’t look very good. In fact, he thinks more clearly than anyone else.
"Quite a clever boy, why do you have to pretend to be a bandit?" The old man kept slandering in his heart.
"By the way, old man, what do you say if it really comes to that?"
Tang Qing seemed to suddenly realize something, and asked with some worries, "Just now, you said that the magic blade still needs to absorb a small amount of spiritual power as an introduction? From where? How much do you need? "
"Of course, nonsense is sucked from you."
When I heard this white eyebrow, I got angry and sneered, "Not much. Maybe your fake Dan absorbs light, and it’s almost enough."
"I X" Tang Qing listened, and cried dumbfounded.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three: Killing Sages and Hiding (48)-Tang Qing’s wisdom
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three: Killing the Sage by Killing the Hidden (48)-Tang Qing’s wisdom, go to the website.

Chapter two hundred and thirty-four: Killing Sages and Hiding (49)-Tang Qing’s Plan
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four: Killing Sages and Hiding (49)-Tang Qing’s Plan
"Ah, at the wrong time and in the wrong place, I ended up with an inappropriate … Lord Dantang’s life, so unfortunate?"
I didn’t get good news from Bai Mei, and Tang Ye felt very hit. After thinking about it, I think I should clean up my home first. After all, no matter what the outcome of the Kyoto war is, there are only two things to consider: going home and going home.
There is only one basis for these two things: combat power.
"Old man, you have a long eye. What is this whore? I think it should be a good product." Tang Qing patted his shoes on his feet and asked in anticipation.
"It is very good, this is a treasure refined from the skin of the beaver. I guess if it is fully stimulated, it will have some effects similar to wind escape, otherwise that boy has no reason to teleport. However, there should also be restrictions. Even with the help of treasures, this level of magical power is definitely exhausting. "
Bai Mei is a well-informed old-timer. She has already seen the famous tricks. When she arrived, she did not forget to add: "Don’t try it casually now. The beaver itself can’t fly, but it can display the skill of avoiding the wind. Needless to say, it costs some money to wear shoes, which is a good match for you."
"It’s really hard to put in a good word from you." Tang Qing complained, but she was flattered. As expected, regardless of the cost, this avatar means too much to Tang Ye. Finally, this arm was not in vain.
"That you always help me thinking, how to deal with this thunder crane? This thing can be terrible and can’t be wasted. "
Mentioned this, Bai Mei came to the spirit, and his tone always brought a little excitement: "Needless to say, this kind of demon bird is extremely rare and is the most suitable natural material for refining flying treasures. If you let the old man say it, the most appropriate thing is to forge a pair of wings. In this case, even if you encounter a floating ban like this, you don’t have to be afraid. "
"If the refining is good, the speed is needless to say, it is definitely a magic weapon far beyond the general flight. And the level of this demon bird is so high, maybe it can bring special attack attributes, and it is best to extract this thunder attack. I don’t know where the two men met this thing. If the old man had a flying treasure … "
Having said that, the old man suddenly felt aggrieved: "What’s the use, you smelly boy?". Don’t mention refining this level of treasure, you can’t even refine a minimum low-level spirit, no matter how good it is. "
Tang Qing originally listened to the good news, but suddenly she was scolded by such a sweeping phone, and she was dumbfounded. On second thought, he smiled and said, "Don’t mind, it’s no use being jealous. It’s all made by Tang Ye with his life. As for this refiner? Don’t worry, old man, I know about it. I don’t have the ability to make an alchemist, but this refiner really needs to learn. When the time comes, why don’t you just guide me a few more hands? When I leave here, I’m not free now. "
"You help me think about it first, make a list of auxiliary materials, and if you get the chance, directly ask them for blackmail. Speaking, I don’t even have my own magic weapon of life’s core monuments. "Tang Ye lamented with great indignation.
Bridled lips don’t say, but also know that he is telling the truth. In fact, since Tang Qing embarked on the road of fixing truth, he has never had a break.
"It’s really not easy for him to practice for a few days."
Thought of here, bridled a little calmer and asked instead, "Speaking of leaving, smelly boy, what exactly are you going to do?" I estimate that if you want to leave by yourself, I’m afraid it’s not easy. "
Tang Qing sneered: "It’s not easy? This may be true in normal times, but now, I don’t think it is difficult. This battle has reached this point, and sooner or later someone will have to come outside. If they come from the old devil’s side, they have to beg me for help. If you come from this side, hey hey, I guess Aunt Yun should be the first one to arrive. Don’t ask me why, I just don’t think Aunt Yun will hurt me. Plus, at least I have a firm but gentle here. When the eight-door Jin Suozhen is broken, who will stop me? "
"Others can take hostages. It is estimated that your boy is a little sissy and can’t let go." Bridled eyebrows are difficult for Tang Qing.
"Fuck when I am a fool?" Tang Qing was angry.
Not because the enemy is cunning and vicious, but because Bai Mei looks down on his IQ, he is annoyed: "Being a hero depends on strength, and he can’t be a big-tailed wolf." If someone really does that, Tang Ye will turn around and leave without a fart, but don’t let me practice successfully. Tang Ye will make them regret being born. Absolutely "
Say this words, even if there is no enemy in front of me, even if bridled in Tang Qing’s body, but still can feel the filar silk cold in the air, straight through the heart and lungs.
He believed Tang Qing’s words, and he also understood that Tang Qing was firm and cruel to the enemy. But he knew that this boy was a little too fond of his own people, and he was worried that he would learn those sour Confucian habits, which was the reason for this question.
After all, how old is Tang Qingcai? People of this age are not the easiest to get angry.
The father and son were just chatting, but they saw the Nangong cold coming. Tang Qing took a look at the Nangong cold, but he looked very dignified and could not help but flirt.
"What’s the cold cold, your family a few master ok? Less words "
Several wounded men of Confucianism did not take part in the battle again, and they are all in pranayama cultivation at the moment. However, although these people were injured, they even fell, but they were not exhausted in Shou Yuan as in 1993. By rights, at least there should be no life-threatening, so Tang Qingcai has this question.
Since the emperor and others left, the nangongshan cold is somewhat silent, and Tang Qing knows why. He thinks this boy is a little too honest, and he is still a little one-track-minded, so he can’t help but want to mention something.