长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州夜网 Wu Zhe meditated and digested his soaring physical strength while telling stories about what Tiankui had seen and heard in his dreams, telling some wonders and jokes to Ye and Cenzhuo from time to time.

Wu Zhe meditated and digested his soaring physical strength while telling stories about what Tiankui had seen and heard in his dreams, telling some wonders and jokes to Ye and Cenzhuo from time to time.


Cenzhuo listened for a long time and couldn’t wait to take Wu Zhe away as his brother. He lived 35 years longer than ordinary brothers and had a word. It is conceivable how malleable the mage is.
Wu Zhe said it was almost the same. Ye asked Cenzhuo, "Brother, are we going out now?"
"It’s time to take a bath, whether it’s sticky or not."
A gust of evil wind blew into the cave door and the cave guards hurriedly stopped Wu Zhe and his party.
"Array mages, don’t go out. Just a few hours ago, a giant centipede monster beast suddenly emerged from the ground, which has almost destroyed most of the south city."
"Jing Yan Tian Wu?" Wu zhe light doubt way
"Why? Xiaozhe, do you know this monster? "
"In Tiankui’s dream, this monster beast also appeared in the dream smoky city, but that is the dream that this bloody continent will also have a crystal-eyed centipede beast?"
Cenzhuo suddenly remembered something, patted his forehead and said, "I forgot to tell you that the eye stones in the dream have come into contact with monsters and things. If they are not dead in the dream, they will randomly appear in our mainland with the repaired eye stones."
Wu Zhe was excited to hold CenZhuo’s hands and said, "Really! Will the people in Shibona’s dream appear in our mainland if they touch the eye stone? "
"It’s even impossible. Dream people are fictional. They can’t get out. According to ancient records, those monster beasts and things in dreams are real. They can follow the array of eye stones to appear in our mainland. How many monster beasts did you meet with the array of eye stones? Monsters in dreams are all powerful and terrible in ancient times. "
Later, I can see Master Awakening and Ignorance again, but after hearing Cenzhuo’s words, Wu Zhe is disheartened again, looking depressed, thinking that Master Ignorance was injured so badly that he might not live.
"Ah, Master met this monster with an eye stone."
"That’s good, that’s good."
Ye see Wu Zhe stunned appearance around him and walked to the guard and said, "Don’t worry, the current law has been repaired. Presumably, the monster beast will also be bound. You can take us out."
"All right, but you have to stay with me. We just want to keep you safe."
131 array of eye fragments
"Brother Zhang"
Bai Yang heard Ye shout a joy in his heart, and he was afraid of disturbing Ye and Cenzhuo’s rescuers. I didn’t expect them to come out.
"Brother, come and see that all the monster beasts are tightly bound, but is this giant centipede too powerful to control this array?"
Ye Jin said slowly with a frown, "I heard that this giant centipede is called Jing Yan Tian Wu and he brought it out of his dream."
"In a dream?" Bai Yang suddenly got excited and laughed after frowning. "Did you succeed in breaking the dream, my younger brother?"
Wu Zhe just came to Ye Dui and waved Bai Yang. Seeing that Wu Zhe showed no signs of being possessed, he was very appreciative and even said three "yes".
Bai Yang also entered the dream and knew that the monster beast and things would appear with the array eye stone after contact. The horse in the mainland reached out to Wu Zhe and said, "Little disciple, please bring me the array eye chip quickly."
Wu Zhe touched his arms and asked, "Master Zhang, you said this is it?"
Wu Zhe took out the eye fragment of Tiankui array, which was the diamond-shaped crystal mini-array eye stone that appeared in his hand after breaking the dream.
Bai Yang recognized at a glance that this was an eye fragment and nodded and took it.
"What? Eye fragments! !”
Ye and Cenzhuo were surprised at the same time and cried, Ye Qian took Wu Zhe’s hands and asked excitedly, "Xiaozhe, did you break this dream by yourself?"
Bai Yang heard Ip Man leng for a moment. Just now, Ye didn’t come to give him an accurate reply. He also said that Wu Zhe would only want to array eye fragments if he broke his dream.
Yuzryha and Cenzhuo were so shocked that the condition for getting the eye fragments was to break through a dream and get the dream recognition, which practitioners who were rescued within seven days could not get.
Wu Zhe also don’t know what he is, prevaricated, but Bai Yang’s eye fragments can’t be fake.
One side of the ticket sea saw that this two-pulse array mage could break the dream and immediately got angry. This honor belongs to his brother and belongs to him, but it was abruptly taken away by this little boy who didn’t know where it came from. I wanted to say a few words before but was stopped by Bai Yang.
"Brother, it’s a gossip. Don’t say it to your brother Fei Xia. I’ve kept it in mind."
Bai Yang put the words to this ticket, and it’s not good to care about the light hum again.
The most exciting thing now is that Ye’s eyes are happy to be a crack.
Bai Yang took the eye fragments and wanted to deal with the crystal eye. The hippocampus blocked and woke up. "If the head brother’s eye fragments didn’t work, wouldn’t it be dangerous for us?" That crystal eye day Wu spike is terrible. "
Bai Yang smiled at him and learned about the mainland against the eye fragments. No one dared to say the second, but he didn’t reply directly to the ticket sea. Instead, he asked the two younger brothers next to him, "What do you think of Brother Cenzhuo and Brother Ye?"
Ye and Cenzhuo looked at each other and nodded at Bai Yang. They should answer, "This crystal eye is the debris brought by the repair of the eye stone in Nanyi Town Array, which is bound to be feasible."
Piaohai is not afraid of death, but he is unwilling. Bai Yang also knows this, so he let the two younger brothers explain it, otherwise he will be suspected of favoritism.
"Brother Piaohai, we can’t let Jing Yan Tian Wu ruin a city. You and I will try again."
"This master brother, do you want to carefully consider the monster beast spike again?"
"If you don’t want to go, brother, go alone."
Looking at Bai Yangzhen standing on the square dice and going to the ticket sea, he glared at Wu Zhe in a hurry and shouted "Aye, aye, wait for my brother". Bai Yangzhuo Kirin didn’t accompany him this time.
Wu Zhe listened to the dream and narrated that this crystal eye day Wu ability wanted to wake up, but some Wushu mouths were glared at by the ticket sea, so I didn’t have a chance to say it. Fortunately, I saw a red dot in Bai Yang’s ear and thought it should be no big problem.
"Master’s original master, Master Bo Xiu, is so high that he has reached the stage of Duan Muyang’s reign."
Ye let out a sigh when he heard Wu Zhe’s words, and then said slowly, "Brother Head was the practitioner of this level more than ten years ago. If it was not for his body, it was because of his own body that he kept on practicing, otherwise he would have been a practitioner of Lingxiao level."
Wu Zhe didn’t ask Bai Yangshen what happened when he saw Ye’s poor expression. He turned to look at the players cheering at the gate.
Without the beast Dan Jing, the reaction and attack speed of Tian Wu are much slower. It is estimated that it will collapse itself. Ten years ago, when it was cultivated to the key, it was disturbed and robbed. After ten years, the beast Dan was not healed, and somehow he was sent to a new world by a set of rules to resist it. Then he immediately met a full-floor practitioner and a practitioner with columns in Ophiopogon japonicus.
"Qiong Zhu is pressing!"
As Bai Yang launched the square dice of Wushu, it quickly became bigger and bigger, and the ticket sea took the opportunity to run to the tail of Jing Yan Tian Wu and slapped him.
"The day is sealed!"
A slap in the face appeared at the tail of the crystal eye day Wu, which made the body emit smoke.
"Still can’t! Master Brother can’t break the leather armor of evil animals."
"Teacher younger brother, this monster beast discharges poisonous gas. Stay back and I’ll seal it off."
"Joan Zhu Khan stands!"
The quadrilateral dice whirled rapidly, and the surrounding collapsed earth walls, mud and grass were sucked up, and the smoke disappeared around the crystal eye and the sky.
With the push of Bai Yang, all kinds of soft and hard objects are attached to the body of the crystal eye, and a brick and clay giant sword slowly appear. The head of the crystal eye is also mixed with a lot of green grass.
When the player screams, Bai Yangyu goes over and inserts the eye fragments into the sword head, and then orders!
"Qiong Zhu is pressing!"
The square dice rapidly became bigger and bigger, which pressed the sword hilt. The sword ran through the crystal eye, the head and the crystal eye, and the white light dissipated.
No animal Dan!
Bai Yang frowned slightly and found the fragments of the array eye, so he went away, while Piaohai continued to look for it for a while and returned.
Watching the fun around the players in a hubbub and question mark pockets! That’s a question mark pocket! Np can’t see the question mark pocket, but players can see it clearly. Although we don’t know whether the beast Dan was taken away by Bai Yang, it’s worth fighting for when this high-level monster falls out of the question mark pocket.
132 cloud thirteen is missing
Ye saw Bai Yang holding his hand before he came back and asked, "Brother, are you in the way?"
"It’s okay, it’s okay. I said that the monster beast is rough-skinned, but it doesn’t have his powerful means of attack. It turns out that its beast Dan has already been taken away."
"Can Beast Dan be alive when he is taken away? Is Crystal Eye Tianwu already an orange monster beast!"
"It should be."
Several people exchanged a few votes with each other. Hai said that he would go back first. Bai Yang nodded and promised Ye and Cenzhuo to smile at the hand.
Ticket sea cold hum area landing YangFeng several younger brother royal and go.