Membership system?


Membership rules?
Belong to the standard three regardless of the organization
The sole goal of the initial establishment of "Guiyi Parliament" involves a controversial issue.
What is the strongest, the ultimate, the real enemy and the real height?
[Abyss King] Is there a broader field?
I have been thinking about this serious problem for years since the first King of the Abyss appeared.
And when the long or exhausted life gives them plenty to the limit, let them ponder and verify again and again!
Relying on the strength that is strong enough to despise all beings.
Several methods have been tried and tested by them continuously.
But the results are not satisfactory.
At least today.
[Abyss King] is still the top of the food chain!
As if this is really the top of the real meaning!
But poor life and patience are things that every strong person needs.
Even in the face of several failures, various methods are still being tested one after another.
Bloody massacre, captive digital testing ground, limited time travel … several ways have been tried one by one!
And this is longer than in the experiment
Day, month, year, decade, hundred years, millennium, ten thousand years, one hundred thousand years, one million years, ten million years … trillion years … Beijing years … a large number of years …
Time goes by.
No matter how much patience you have, it will eventually run out.
After several attempts
At this end, the number character in the experiment is extreme and powerful, and the style of acting is gradually becoming more and more crazy …
Slowly, one of the arguments was brought out.
[The multiverse is a whole]
[Each strong person can occupy a part of the resources! 】
[Try out the real limit according to the existing individual ability resource root method]
Only by piling all the numbers into a pure single individual can we have a chance to see further hope! 】
To put it bluntly, everyone except the only one outside the body needs to die!
I have to say that this is an extremely crazy idea.
However, due to the high difficulty of the experiment, no one has successfully tried it, and no one knows whether it will work or not.
Plus, it’s barely reasonable
This statement has attracted a large number of strong people who have become more and more insane for a long time!
After all kinds of crazy attempts, they all feel that this method is true and they have a chance to achieve their goals!
Therefore, those who can’t do all the different opinions alone must first unite some like-minded people to give priority to the simple idea of opposing the plan.
[To a parliament] This super-large evil force is so logical that a long-lost [Abyss King] led the formal establishment …
The only purpose of being established is to let all members join hands to destroy all planes, times and opponents, and then destroy all their colleagues, destroy everything except themselves, return the multiverse to its original state, integrate all matter, all energy and all legal numbers, and make themselves the final winner to achieve ultimate and true knowledge!
In short, it’s killing, killing, killing, killing …
Kill all those who disagree first, and then kill all those who get in the way!
Destroy all tangible things and offer stepping stones to the summit!
All the matters in the whole [return to a parliament] are conclusive and doubtful around the above viewpoints!
Kill everyone or be killed by everyone!
Just do it and it’s over!
It’s simply plain!
Fancy rhetoric, false description!
The idea can be described as exceptionally clear!
You’re welcome to say that none of the members of [a parliament] are mentally normal, and their psychological problems are more or less ingrained.
Ten out of ten are antisocial+antisocial+antisocial …
All of them are seriously ill mental patients …
The eye has experienced a long period of unstable development, three days of chaos at both ends, and various scales killing each other … after a series of wonderful classic villains.
It’s not easy to say about the local dialect of the title [to a parliament]
Everyone may shout and be besieged.
But the title of "Return to a Parliament" in "Bottom Abyss" is a very bright gold-lettered signboard with diamonds!
The members’ idea that strength is more difficult than strength is the ultimate idol of the abyss and the highest hall of evil organizations! Many evil organizations must follow the example!
Let a number of evil creatures, including many abyss demons, can’t help but yearn for it!
I don’t know how many evil spirits slaughtered the weak. When backstab played the strong, he imagined that he could join the "Guiyi Parliament" and become a qualified villain!