长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州夜网 Cliff Li Yueling’s life is busy because of the start of the God-help program, and Li Yueling is still busy for a few days before the Vatican visitors arrive in London because of his special acceptance by President Andrew.

Cliff Li Yueling’s life is busy because of the start of the God-help program, and Li Yueling is still busy for a few days before the Vatican visitors arrive in London because of his special acceptance by President Andrew.


And Li Yueling also decided to make good use of it. After all, strength is the absolute key, and Li Yueling has been greatly troubled by the fact that he has not been able to understand the jade pupil.
Li Yueling only let go of the Italian Mafia in Xili for a long time because of the purchase plan, but he still informed President Andrew that he sent two members of the association to secretly protect Jin Nuanyu and Jin Yiyun. After all, their safety is the most important thing.
Coincidentally, President Andrew sent Jin Wenyu to protect Jin Yiyun, but the candidate was Newman Kino from Li Yueling’s old acquaintance.
For the strength of these two people, Li Yueling knows that they care for the safety of Jin Nuanyu and others. Li Yueling is finally worried.
Because of the particularity of Li Yueling’s connection, he simply disappeared under the pretext that he was going to study hard at Holloway College.
Of course, before leaving, Li Yueling still didn’t forget to look at the little animal Gollum, which was still dormant. I really didn’t expect this little guy to sleep deeply. It took too long for him to evolve, and Li Yueling couldn’t put it down. Finally, he told Jin Nuanyu about Gollum and asked her to take care of it for her.
I was shocked by this incident when I came to Jin Nuanyu. I didn’t think that as soon as I saw Gollum sleeping, I immediately fully reflected the greatness of motherhood. I actually clung to the little guy and said that Gollum was her little baby. Even Li Yueling had to get her permission to hold Gollum.
Afterwards, Li Yueling deeply lamented that being cute is also a big advantage. Talking about the mysterious origin of this little guy, Jin Nuanyu will show a deep affection for calves. Isn’t it because of Gollum’s cute appearance? Alas, I don’t know how it will feel when Xiao Gollum suddenly wakes up and finds himself lying in the arms of a beautiful woman.
If it weren’t for Li Yueling selling it.
Chapter 19 A priest from the East
After the arrangement, Li Yueling received the notice from President Andrew that in three days, the Vatican visitors will arrive in London, and many Vatican clergy will be sent to London from all over the world, which is a huge anomaly.
Li Yueling’s identity has been confirmed. After President Andrew arranged for him to receive visitors from Vatican on behalf of Britain, Li Yueling was crowned as a priest. Of course, Li Yueling’s photo documents were also completed. Li Yueling became a full-time priest in Westminster Abbey, which surprised him for a long time.
Fortunately, Li Yueling has an unforgettable memory. According to the information of the Association, he quickly mastered the knowledge that a priest should have. The only thing that makes Li Yueling complain is that he is not wearing that clergy.
And in these few days’ leisure, Li Yueling has gained a deeper understanding of Xuanbingyang fire from the Crystal Palace in the Earth and the Sea. However, the trouble of understanding the jade pupil is still unresolved, which directly leads to the stagnation of Daniel lee’s spiritual realm in the middle period.
Because the secrets of the cultivation of the timely realm are all recorded in the jade pupil slips, according to the usual practice methods, you can already read the jade pupil slips by divine knowledge when you reach the initial stage of the period. It is Li Yueling who has undergone some great abnormal changes due to the sudden change of the nature of the body force.
Come on, come on, come on, it’s not the right time. Li Yueling is not the most interested in practicing. It’s a great miracle that his character can be reconciled in less than half a year. If Li Yueling has been worried about Jiang Shishi in his heart, he won’t bother to continue practicing.
Westminster Abbey is located on the south bank of the Thames in London, also known as Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey is not only an Anglican chapel, but also a coronation ceremony for kings of past dynasties, a wedding auditorium for royal family members and a state funeral mausoleum.
Such a cathedral with a long history is now more than a fake priest like Li Yueling.
Westminster Abbey has a bishop, 16 priests and nearly 100 clergy, among which nine priests of the Archbishop are all Vatican priests, and the other six priests, including Li Yueling, are all elected by the British royal family. Of course, they also got the Vatican Pope, but in a sense, the seven of them are pro-British royal and pro-Vatican.
Li Yueling, dressed as a priest at the moment, is in the bishop’s room in the cathedral.
Bishop is a little old man over 50 years old with a white beard. He looks ordinary, but his eyes are extraordinary, as if he had penetrated all magical powers.
Father Li, please come on, everything is in a red robe, Bishop Youkai said with a smile.
Li Yueling replied, it’s my honor to meet the clergy from Vatican. It’s simply the greatest gift from my Lord. Although this is too flattering, Li Yueling doesn’t care who makes him play a young and passionate priest who has been bathed by God for 13 years.
This time, the Vatican visitors claimed that they were carrying forward the teachings, saying that the group took the lead from President Andrew. According to the data, the clergy was composed of a grand judge, two archbishops, fifteen priests in red, fifteen priests in black and thirty judges. Of course, these were sent by the Pope to send a large army, and many clergy were transferred from the Vatican. They will also arrive in London in a few days.
Obviously, the Vatican has spent a lot of money on destroying the blood clan in London, but if there is no interest, there is no motivation, and the Vatican is also trying to figure it out.
It’s really hard to say that such a large number of people and famous bishops and priests kept the British media in the dark without finding a suitable reason. Do you want those clergy to tell the media that we are here to eradicate vampires and take away our The Knight of Round jihad armor after the job is done
As a result, Westminster Abbey has become the best misleading direction. At present, the media reports are the same. Then, the Pope feels that many priests from the Vatican have come to London to promote the teachings of our Lord. A grand worship ceremony will be held in Westminster Abbey, where the Queen of England will lead a group of members of the British royal family to sit together.
Pope Peter paid great attention to his trip to London this time, and sent two of the top ten bishops in the Holy Land, and even the great judge Dior came with him. Father Li, you must do a good job in reception. Don’t neglect it. Bishop Youkai once again told Li Yueling to come.
It’s the fifth time I’ve heard the same exhortation today. Li Yueling Nai laughs. It’s my pleasure. I will greet them with the most pious gesture. Amen.
After making a cross on his chest, Li Yueling hurriedly left. Now he wants to find a place where Bishop Youkai can’t find him, but after two days in Westminster Abbey, Li Yueling has deeply felt that Bishop Youkai is bothersome. In Li Yueling’s mind, I am afraid that Tang Priest can compare with him in the westward journey.
Looking at Li Yueling’s quick departure, Bishop Youkai seemed to think of something, like picking up a stack of materials on the table and wearing a pair of glasses. After reading it for a long time, he suddenly made a cross on his chest. When he was five years old, he was going to recite the Bible backwards. When he was twelve years old, he was a priest at the age of ten. When he taught in the poorest areas of Africa for five years, he couldn’t see it. But he was so young and dedicated to my Lord. Father Li, may my Lord always guide you in the brightest direction. Amen.
Chapter ninety Oriental priest 2
Fortunately, Li Yueling ran so fast that he heard Bishop Youkai sigh after reading his information and had to rush to President Andrew immediately to ask him a question. How can I give myself an almost outrageous information?
In fact, Li Yueling took a special photo at the beginning. Don’t make it too complicated to be a priest. Now it’s a good thing that even a senior clergyman like Bishop Youkai can’t help but praise him.
Obviously, this is also the deliberate arrangement of President Andrew, but it is self-evident
It’s no wonder that the Vatican sent the clergy to murder many films at the moment when they just got on the plane. After all, for most British people who believe in the emperor, Vatican is the incarnation of the emperor. These are the reports of the British media in a big way.
Li Yueling arrived at the airport at the first time. When the Archbishop of the Holy See Bowen Haines and his entourage filed in, Li Yueling immediately greeted the most enthusiastic gesture and expressed his admiration for the Holy See.
Archbishop Bowen is about fifty years old and always smiles as if everyone he sees is the most devout people of the emperor. At the same time, he is also the foreign representative of the Vatican. After saying hello to Li Yueling, the British media suddenly flooded, but Archbishop Bowen seems to always cope with such scenes and keep his mouth shut.
This also has to be in the heart of Li Yueling. The archbishop of Bowen must be working outside, otherwise he would not be so sophisticated.
Almost all the media interviews in Britain were blocked by Archbishop Bowen, and the clergy who followed him from beginning to end actually said half a word.
Li Yueling, after seeing the changeable eloquence of Archbishop Bowen, immediately focused his attention on the body of another archbishop beside him, Haines.
About forty years old, Archbishop Haines is the youngest of the ten bishops in Vatican City. You should know that the post of Archbishop in Vatican City is second only to that of Pope, which is true to the outside world.