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Huachen licked his lips. This move made people feel cold in their hearts, but he looked at them smilingly.
Huachen grinned and looked sarcastic.
Lin’s eyes are cold, and the blade holds the palm of Lei Di’s staff slowly, and just as he is about to step on it, a enchanting and fiery beautiful image of a mountain peak in the distance is taking the lead with cold murder.
Gorgeous and dangerous fire phoenix gun slowly lifted and then pointed to the ice in Huachen Tang Xinlian’s eyes. At this time, a moving and powerful force gathered around him like a storm.
Here is the inflammation temple site master yuan roll Chapter one thousand and eleven Peak.
A flaming beautiful image stood with a flaming hand and a flaming pike. A flaming hair swayed with the breeze, but that delicate and moving cheek was full of cold air at this time.
in a grand fashion
Violent force rises like a tornado in Tang Xinlian’s whole body, and even the gas is squeezed to make a noise, which is quite shocking.
The eyes outside the measuring mirror are all looking at the fiery beautiful image coming at this time. The eyes are full of surprises. In this sea of chaos, Tang Xinlian’s name is obviously her beauty.
Ha ha is not the kui is a phlogistic temple fire fairy so drive not to lose a man Huachen looked at the hand pike will lock Tang Xinlian eyes micro coagulation immediately with a smile.
Tang Xinlian eyes staring at Huachen glad eye pupil at this time is becoming cold and cold. The fire burn gun in her hand is pointing at Huachen lightly. Let me be your opponent.
Hua Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. He knew that Tang Xinlian’s strength could really pester him for a while if he really wanted to start work. But now he wants to get Lei Zufu first.
A black man with a peak leaning against the stone wall suddenly lifted his cloak and exposed his strange face covered with bandages. A pair of rhombic pupils stared at Tang Xinlian like snakes, and soon he walked slowly.
And with his footsteps, the rock where he stayed was actually cracked, and a kind of heart-rending fluctuation was emitted.
Hmm. How interesting
But just as Xu Xiu stepped, a light smile sounded, and immediately a blue light flashed directly in front of Xu Xiu now.
I’m sorry they fought, so you’d better stay out of it. Zhou Ze looked at Xu Daoxiu with a smile.
You’re not my opponent Xu Xiu’s rhombic pupil staring at what Zhou Zeyin hoarse way
How can you know the knot if you don’t try? Zhou Ze’s smile is faint and white, and its body exudes faintly as if it were a roaring sound of a deafening white elephant, which made it oscillate.
It seems that it is still necessary to get the thunder ZuFu. Hua Chen smiled at this scene and soon his eyes were filled with yin and cold colors
In this case, it’s better to kill them all.
I’m afraid you didn’t do such a thing. Tang Xinlian’s beautiful eyes are full of evil spirits. Soon, she tilted her head and looked at Lin. Don’t let people get their hands on Lei Zufu.
Lin nodded gently. It seems that a big war is still difficult.
Are you going to be a spectator again? This makes me disappointed. Hua Chen took a look at Lin Dong and smiled with some ridicule.
Lin’s eyelids drooped slightly as if he didn’t hear Huachen’s provocation, but he sat directly while the body force was running. He wanted to adjust his state to the peak.
Huachen saw Lin move and ignored his provocation. The corners of his mouth curled up and he just wanted to speak again. Tang Xinlian’s eyes were completely cold, and his body moved suddenly and violently. In his hand, the fire phoenix gun danced and the gun shadow carried a sharp strength to Huachen.
Cut the crap. Your opponent is me.
Haha, since the fire fairy’s heroism makes me look weak if I retreat from Huachen, Huachen looks at the Tang Xinlian who comes with cold gas, but he smiles at the sky and immediately holds the dense black gas in his hands, and his fingertips rise and then boom with one punch.
The black giant fist roared and directly shattered the gun shadow with a devastating gesture.
But since the fire fairy wants to hand it, be serious. This kind of power trick is nothing to me.
Tang Xinlian’s eyes are cold and condensed with jade hands. Suddenly, the hands are clenched. The majestic force of the Tianhuang gun roared, and the clear Fengming resounded through the sky like a flame in the gun body of latosolic red Guanghua.
Tianhuang red moon
The condensation of latosolic red Guanghua turned out to be a round of flames rising at the edge of the red moon directly in the hands of Tang Xinlian, and an amazing destructive power was pervasive
Everyone can see that Tang Xinlian is already moving, and it is not big to face such a strong temptation as Huachen.
Red moon chop
Tang Xinlian waved her hand and drank the red moon, which was already a tear of latosolic red light, and roared away at Huachen in the distance like a flash.
Haha, that’s something to watch