eldest brother


The sky was majestic and a light and shadow swept away quickly. Finally, it fell like an iron tower next to Lin’s departure. When the soles of his feet fell, all the peaks trembled violently.
Lin patted Xiaoyan’s arm and immediately smiled. Pointing to the rear day, the huge law was moved lightly. Do you know what we are going to do?
got it
Xiao Yan looked at the ferocious bloodshot eyes in the removed law tiger eyes and immediately climbed in succession. Soon he grinned grimly.
Lin Dong turned and looked ahead, where thousands of tigers ate the army and sat quietly, breathing and breathing, and the giant tiger crawled.
And behind the forest, the little mink has a small inflammation, and the nine runners, such as Liu Qing, the elder of Zhuli, are super strong and stand side by side with great momentum.
All their eyes were fixed on the forest and waiting for his mouth.
Lin Lin looked up and took a deep breath of the fiery cyclone, that is, the cold S storm surge in the dark eyes.
Cold fall, he was the first to sweep behind him, and all the minks and others followed him. Not far away, the thousands of tigers ate the army, and a cloud of black clouds roared away at the law of relocation.
Starting array method
Lin Dong’s cold drink resounded through the huge moving array, and at this time, a bright and dazzling light beam broke out and soared into the sky.
In that dazzling light, the indifference of Lin’s moving surface is like a flame beating in that dark eyes
You are my biggest motivation. Chapter one thousand one hundred and eleven Return to the East Xuanyu.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and eleven
South-south area of East Xuanyu
It’s a quiet blue sky, and occasionally a flock of birds pass by and sing clearly far away.
However, this tranquility was suddenly broken after a long time, and the birds fled one after another to see that the blue sky was slowly distorted at this time.
And when this distortion reaches the limit, it is a huge crack that is slowly torn apart.
Accompanied by being torn behind it, it swept away with monstrous ferocity.
The temperature of heaven and earth is gradually decreasing when the fierce air permeates, and then the crack slowly creeps, and a thin figure takes the lead in walking slowly.
When he walked along the crack, his dark eyes looked at this world, and immediately there was a surge of complex emotions in his indifferent eyes.
Like miss, like excitement, like hate
Dong Xuanyu finally came back. He spread his hands and took a drag on the cool air that belongs to this world. He murmured
While in the rear, there are several figures walking, and then the evil spirit suddenly becomes strong. It is shocking to see that there are several figures filled with the evil spirit and swept away and gathered in the rear. Although they are numerous, they have no different actions, breathing and breathing.
This is the East Xuanyu? I’ve never been to Liuqing. I looked at this piece of heaven and earth and immediately laughed.
Eldest brother here is a small inflammation, finding and then asked, although they can be sure that they came to the East Xuanyu, but this East Xuanyu is vast and abnormal, and no one knows that they have fallen to Fang.
Just walk around and you’ll know
Lin moved a wave of his hand and looked at the front immediately, and his body swept away from the crowd. The thousand tigers devoured the army and immediately followed.
They were extremely fast, and they swept thousands of miles in just ten minutes, but as they marched, the peace was no longer there, and the sight was devastated. Obviously, they had experienced quite a fierce battle.
It seems that Yuan Gate launched a war and enveloped a small sable in the East Xuanyu. Looking at this scene, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Lin nodded slightly along the way, and he also met a lot of fleeing troops, but most of them were ordinary people, and even my strength was a little stronger, that is, I died in the three realms of nature. This strength was even that I didn’t even have the ability to find Lin.
In front of a large group of people in this direction, which is a little bit can look at people. Zhu Li, the elder, suddenly looked ahead and said
Lin Dong heard jng’s divine power swept away and found that the number of troops was about 10,000 people’s strength. Compared with those previously seen, it was too strong, and it seemed that one person’s breath had reached the level of death, and such strength could hold the position of elder in a super sect.
However, these people are all scared and obviously defeated, but they just don’t know where they are coming from
Eldest brother Xiaoyan looked at Lin and wanted to ask his advice.
When there are no waves, Lin Dong shakes his head. Today, most of the chaos in the East Xuanyu is attached to other super sectarian dynasties in Yuanmen. At this level of war, they are not in the mood to get rid of Yuanmen, but these chaos are extinguished.
Little phlogistic smell speech is nodded just y waved to suddenly see Lin expression.
First, wait, Lin’s eyes are slightly narrowed and he looks at the way ahead.
What’s the matter, Xiaoyan is also overlooking the immediately asked.
Seems to be someone I know
Some nostalgia in Lin Dong’s smile God S How many years ago was that?
in a grand fashion
A bunch of embarrassing Hong Avenue rushes by, and they look at the rear from time to time, and they are nervous, but at the forefront of this group, the horse is flying. A middle-aged woman’s face is pale, and she seems to be seriously injured. She can’t stand this kind of tossing throat, and the blood is constantly humming from the corners of her mouth.
Uncle Mo, how are you?