Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven Antian War
However, perhaps the leaders in the network who have explained the causes and effects of these two-continent wars for too four days are more nervous. Generally speaking, in a war, the losing side will always hate the winning side, but under the propaganda of the powerful online media in many countries, this negative emotion is rare, and more and more people are attached to or joined in many countries. Even some low-level practitioners in four minutes have moved their minds. Many of them have decided to travel to Jiuzhou in Taiqing, while others have studied many countries in China.
All this led to the first sentence of the four supreme people who met for the second time in Taiqing time: "This opponent is too powerful, and it is conquering the body and mind of Taiqing Heaven and Man with bloody and strange war modes."
What’s more, the four supreme people also realized the power of auxiliary brain network media, and listed it as a part of the war.
"Three, now that the plan is out, this fellow is fierce!" Djinn day djinn supreme stamp.
"If you look at all the methods, you can’t get rid of its internal structure. If you refine this magic, you can only disturb your mind, and then implement a strong external blow to destroy it. What do brothers think? " The Great Sage, the Heaven and the Lord are modest.
"Let’s just say that the strength of many countries in China did not really show in the battle between the two continents. The plan of the Lord is just right, which can measure the strongest strength of many people in China." Seconded from the old Buddha in Qingling Mountain.
"In that case, everyone has a million bright and dark hands and plays it by ear." Jade emperor big Buddha finally said.
The so-called Ming, that is, holding an open fire for four minutes, blatantly ran rampant in many areas of Taiqing Jiuzhou Tian in China. Of course, this rampage is allowed by the three-system law. The way to cut into four days is to establish a big guild or college in many areas of China, which is not difficult with the support of four days’ financial resources and "cultivation technology"
Sure enough, after the establishment of guilds and colleges, the four-minute stationed personnel. Recruit members and students in a preferential way, and then instill the deepest and most humane side of Buddhism, Confucianism and the Holy Spirit. The Buddha calls benevolence and forgiveness, Confucianism stresses loyalty and filial piety, and the sage stresses equality …
Sugar-coated cannonballs opened the way, and it seemed to be a good idea. In those days, Wang Ting, a big businessman, was defeated by this trick, because the concept of chaotic grass was not rigorous and the sugar-coated side of the other side was very affinity, so that later, the concept of chaotic grass was replaced by an increasingly popular concept in the world.
This is indeed a great test for many countries in China. Knowing that this is a big undercurrent, but because it is soft, disturbing and not violent, the security agencies can only watch it soak in, and even some security personnel think it is beneficial to social stability and welcome it.
Only as sneer, "slow fire boiled frog? I don’t know who cooks who! "
Tianxin ignored the four-day naked flame infiltration. This seemingly effective thing is useless to many countries in China. Buddhism, Confucianism and holiness are just a few aspects of human nature. Even if we devote all our strength in four minutes, these faces will be lost in the sea of human nature.
Tianxin focuses on the dark claws of the four-minute sky. The law enforcement efforts of many countries in China have been carried out by him personally. No fake. The only worry is that the security agencies of many people in China will only start when someone complains. Four minutes is clearly aware of this, so in some key links, four minutes will definitely take a radical approach to assassinate the parties, bringing the operation of the security agencies to a standstill, so as to achieve their desired goals.
Besides, it’s impolite to come and not be rude. Four-minute days will be open to many countries in China, and many countries in China will also be open to their systems that day. Of course, at present, four-minute days are not open. The bright and dark hands, Ming is to send foreign affairs personnel to contact Simitian and ask them to open some tourist and adventure areas; Dark, all kinds of objects bearing the three-system culture. For example, auxiliary brain, games, movies, martial arts and works of art are brought to the people in the four districts. If we don’t use violence, we can engage in a soft war. There are plenty of talents in this field in the anti-espionage department of many countries in China.
Time flies, rising sun, Liangshan calendar in 3333. Four minutes won’t last.
Seven institutions in many countries in China have been updated too frequently, and the performance of each official and staff is mainly the satisfaction of the whole people. Any neglect may lead to prosecution, and all officials and staff who lead to prosecution will be replaced by reserve staff who run out of nowhere immediately, and then the security agencies will intervene in the investigation. In addition, there is a normal selection. Basically, the more grassroots, the more frequent the selection, that is, the shorter the incumbent cycle. This made it impossible to buy a target for four minutes, or it was hard to get a target, and the target soon sank.
After several attempts, the public affairs agencies, there is no way for them to penetrate, so they set their eyes on the vast number of guilds outside the public affairs agencies, but this is even more ridiculous, because this is simply a big market, ups and downs are the laws of the market, and it is gradually entering a three-system society in China, which is full of creativity and new things emerge one after another every day. These constantly emerging new tricks have already attracted people’s eyes, especially young people’s.
I stayed in the guild and college of Jiuzhou in Taiqing for a period of four minutes, but I have a profound understanding of this. Even if it is a new bottle of old water, there is not much change in the essence of the same thing, but the packaging should be updated from time to time. Otherwise, even the best things will quietly disappear. Jiuzhou College, which is not advancing with the times for four days, may not have students if it is not supported by a four-day guild. But how long can this trip last if it only costs no income!
As a result, four minutes sent to Taiqing Jiuqing’s steward.
There was a fierce argument at the top for four minutes. The result of the dispute is, of course, in the case of dissatisfaction, another airborne manager. As a result, there were constant jokes about newcomers bossing around and laymen taking charge of experts. Eventually, the large-scale guilds and colleges that had been brilliant for four days in Jiuzhou, Taiqing, became more and more in deficit and embarked on the road of sunset.
It should be said that many people stationed in four days have a vision. They once renovated the concepts of Buddhism, Confucianism and holiness in line with reality and derived some new things. Unfortunately, these new things are against the "right way", which is by no means something that can be allowed and borne by those who are above them for four days. Nothing can threaten the lifelong power of those who are above them, and they are all rejected in the end.
Think about it, too. In many countries in China, no one cares who you are, the Buddha, the Jade Emperor and the Supreme. Everything is a contractual relationship. In other words, you may be the master, but that’s nothing. I work for you because your conditions are fair; Your terms are unfair, and we will walk away. In a word, everyone is a two-way choice, not the kind of pie rules that once you enter the door, you can’t go out or go out. I really can’t. I throw myself into the arms of people’s livelihood in many countries in China.
"Freedom of choice. Yes, everything is bad in freedom of choice. People from many countries in China have too many choices. "
At the four-day summary meeting of Buddhism, Confucianism and the Holy Spirit, the host said weakly.
This is indeed the key. The three-system civilization is to give adults, the most basic unit of society, more choices. Basically, as long as this person’s choice does not harm the interests of others, he can always follow his own wishes without worrying about who he is surrounded by!
It can be said that the three-person system is put in four minutes. Every one is inverse acts, and every one has a serious tendency of disobedience.
"I Buddha compassion. Disciples can’t save this fallen world even though they display thousands of wisdom methods. Salvation requires shura power! "
"Three sweeping respects, the world is full of demons, and the chaos is often …"

"Lord, the world needs your light!"
"Gaga, demon in the world, djinn …"
With the determination of heaven and earth, the world war in Taiqing is rumbling.
Many countries come to China, Shenzhou Tianlai City, conference room.
Tianxin smiles. "Four minutes can’t help it? Everything is high-sounding, but I just want to violently kill many countries in China. "
"Eldest brother, what now? The four-day army will soon be killed. " Minister of Public Affairs Quechun Road.
"Give it to the military." Tianxin light tunnel.
"What about me?"
"Watch. If even you, the minister of public affairs, are on the battlefield, many countries that came to China that day will be almost finished. " As the eyes flashed cold light.
Four minutes of clear sky. Imperial vault Day, Great Sage Day, djinn Day. The rising sun in Liangshan calendar, each with 100 million troops, killed Jiuzhou in Taiqing, and adopted a very strong slogan of sending troops: Antian War!
It’s just that the old Buddha in Lingshan, the Jade Emperor, the Lord of Heaven and the Supreme djinn didn’t expect that their Buddha Army, Fairy Army, Angel Holy Army and Spirit Army had just left for four minutes, and they were captured by the neural radar of Miman Taiqing World, and all actions were exposed to the eyes of the ministries in China.