Chapter 73 To ruthless (2)


Three people stopped the monster beast, and at this moment, two sharp firm but gentle shots came through the monster beast’s chest, and the monster beast screamed and fell in a pool of blood.
Two figures floated down, a man and a woman, all about thirty years old, but the age of the practitioners can be seen not only from their appearance, but God knows how old they are.
This man and a woman are extraordinary in temperament and fall next to the monster beast’s body.
"These are two practitioners in the dazzling period!" YanMeng glass some surprised way.
At this time, several practitioners in heaven and earth focused their eyes on Zhuge Buliang and Yin Mengli.
"Are you disciples of Yaohai School?" The dazzling man’s eyes narrowed slightly.
"Yes!" YanMeng glass faint nod.
"Why? You seem to have just come back from the depths of Qingyue Mountain. " The man looked at the two men in some amazement.
"We accidentally broke into the depths of Qingyue Mountain, but fortunately, we didn’t encounter too powerful monster, and it took a lot of effort to get out." Zhuge said without light.
"From the depths of Qingyue Mountain, you must have got a lot of inner Dan and materials?" The practitioner who once robbed others of Neidan stood up and said with a bad face.
"What do you mean?" The frost reappeared on Yin Mengli’s face.
"Ha ha ha ha, my meaning is already obvious!" The practitioner stepped forward and the other two practitioners in the foundation period followed, threatening Yin Mengli.
"We met once before, have you forgotten?" The robbed repairman smiled coldly.
"Of course I remember, don’t you want to kill and rob goods like last time? We are disciples of Yaohai Sect, aren’t you afraid that Yaohai Sect will seek revenge from you on earth?" Zhuge frowned, so he had to move out of Yaohai to deter them.
"Yaohai Sect, hum, killed you here unnoticed, and I’m afraid Yaohai Sect can’t find out." The middle-aged woman in the dazzling period sneered.
And the man next to her is silent, his eyes always look at Yin Meng Glass. As a practitioner of dazzling period, he can’t see through the cultivation of Yin Meng Glass. Yin Meng Glass seems to have a layer of fairy fog to hide her.
However, this man does not doubt that Yin Mengli is a practitioner of the then-Dan period, because the practitioners of the then-Dan period will not participate in the experience trip of this talented Yueshan. But he never imagined that it was a chance for Yin Mengli to break through the Golden Dan period in Qingyue Mountain.
Looking at the three people’s poor eyes, YanMeng glass with a snort of cold, is about to make moves, but it was secretly held by Zhuge without light. Zhuge winked at her when she was not bright, and the tacit understanding between them was quite skillful. Yin Mengli knew it, so he obediently stepped aside.
"Look at what you mean, it seems that you are going to eat us." Zhuge narrowed his eyes slightly when he was not bright.
The robbed repairman smiled and said, "So what? Who knows if I kill you silently?"
"Are you really sure you can kill us? It may also be you who are dead. " Zhuge did not light up and laughed.
"Hum! Don’t think that talking big can scare us. There are two dazzling figures, Brother Haofei and Sister Luoxue, and you can’t escape! " The robbed repairman sneered. He obviously wanted to deter Zhuge Liang with the two dazzling repairmen named Haofei and Luoxue.
Zhuge did not pretend to be surprised, saying, "You are bullying others!"
At this time, the woman named Luoxue said, "Don’t say that we are bullying others, just because you are a repairman who only built three floors in the foundation period is not worth our efforts …" As she said, Luoxue looked at a Yin Meng glass, and her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. Obviously, she couldn’t see the cultivation of Yin Meng glass.
"This little guy in the foundation period will be handed over to you three." The man named Hao Fei said, and at the same time he and the falling snow around him approached Yin Mengli. The seventh feeling told them that this seemed to be a strong enemy.
"Why should we three people deal with him? I can run him over with one hand!" The robbed repairman sneered, pointing his long knife at Zhuge, and his sharp knife was swallowing.
Haofei and Luoxue approached Yin Mengli. Looking at the approaching two people, Yin Mengli said, "Don’t you want to see a good show? It’s not too late to start after watching this scene. "
After 20 days of hardships of life and death, Yin Mengli can be said to have a better understanding of Zhuge Buliang than before.
Two people at the same time one leng, turning their attention to zhuge is not bright.
The robber said, "I’ll tell you my name. My name is Hua Delong, in case I don’t know who killed you when I get to the underworld."
"Why are you so talkative? If you want to fight, fight!" Zhuge shook his head gloomily and greeted him with his bare hands.
"Don’t you draw your sword?" Hua Delong slightly one leng, curious glanced at Zhuge Liang’s broad iron sword behind him.
"My sword only kills my recognized opponent!" Zhuge is not bright and extremely conceited.
"Yellow-haired children, dare to talk big and kill if their hair is not long!" Hua Delong cut out with a knife, and the sharp knife cut through the air, as if to tear the space.
Zhuge’s eyes narrowed slightly when he was not bright. This Hua Delong seems to be a five-story or six-story practitioner during the foundation period.
It was caused by a long knife, and it was chopped. Zhuge’s hands were not bright and white, and he greeted him with a palm instead of a knife.
Half-broken knife flew out and was inserted obliquely on the ground not far away, while Hua Delong only held a knife handle in his hand.
"This … how is it possible!" Hua Delong grew up in surprise.
But Zhuge didn’t give him an extra chance when he was not bright. He rushed up like a thunder, and his palm was cut like Jack nife’s. A bloody head flew out obliquely, and the headless body was carried in a pool of blood, constantly twitching.
It all happened so fast that it’s no exaggeration to say that it was crackle. In the blink of an eye, a five-story practitioner fell in a pool of blood during the foundation period. There was silence at the scene. In a popular Chinese phrase, you could hear a needle falling on the ground.
"This ….. incredible, old China was given by a person with three floors in the construction period …"
"Impossible, impossible, this boy must be cheating!"
The faces of the remaining two practitioners in the foundation period changed greatly, and even the two practitioners in the dazzling period, Haofei and Luoxue, showed shock.
"Robbery, hand over your inner Dan!" Zhuge Liang approached the other two practitioners in the foundation period step by step.
"You … arrogant boy, you want to die!" Another practitioner in the foundation period rushed towards Zhuge Liang, and a long sword in his hand was shrouded in layers of swords.
An invisible air palm broke all the sword shadows. Zhuge’s palm was like a knife, and one arm of the practitioner was cut off, and the residual limb was thrown to the ground, and blood poured out, and the piercing howl echoed in the mountains.
Zhuge’s iron legs swept away without light, just like the iron of the gods was unparalleled, splitting the practitioner’s stretch into two parts.
Everything happened in an instant, and Zhuge’s tough approach was appalling. In an instant, he shot two practitioners during the foundation period, and they were beheaded without resistance.
Zhuge appeared in front of the last builder like a phantom, chopping down with his hand and knife, tearing the air in half, forming a vacuum zone.
Chapter sixty-six To ruthless (3)
() The repairman in the construction period greeted him with a huge axe in his hand, but it didn’t help. The hand knife broke the huge axe and split the man from the middle, from the top of his head to the crotch … Two pieces of residual resin fell to the ground, and my insides flowed all over the floor. This was an extremely bloody scene, and even the nearby Yanmeng glass frowned slightly.
Haofei couldn’t stay shocked at this moment, and his face turned pale: "You … you are really a builder in the foundation period!" "
"Next is you!" Zhuge’s voice is cold when he is not bright, as if he came from the nine secluded areas.
At the same time, Yin Mengli made a sudden move, and Xianjian took up a sharp sword and chopped it toward Haofei.