长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州夜网 In March, 2029, Gay, the sacred angel of the western gods, stopped and exclaimed, "King, the power of the source is beyond your expectation! The mysterious East, are several major forces going to launch a big war again? "

In March, 2029, Gay, the sacred angel of the western gods, stopped and exclaimed, "King, the power of the source is beyond your expectation! The mysterious East, are several major forces going to launch a big war again? "


On March 1st, an ordinary day, the world was completely awakened!
Chaduc was furious when he asked Chiang Mai’s father Lin about the cause of death. At that time, the desert swallowed up his biological parents, and he regarded the desert as a great enemy and fought against the desert sandstorm with meager strength; Very not easy, under the tender care of Maalinn’s father, the hardened heart gradually became a little warm in the world. He swore that he would let this old man, who is also a teacher, friend and father, enjoy his life, but it is still in his ears. He died tragically, which made him feel sorry.
Anger erupts, the "crazy heart" runs, unaware that I am in danger, and the violent breath needs to be vented, but can this place vent at present? He wanted to calm down, but he couldn’t. Just as he didn’t know what to do, a gentle wind blew and imprisoned him firmly. When he was surprised, Milan and eight people, including him, went to a golden ancient city, and then their minds were filled with a heart tactic.
"To avenge the elderly in Maalinn, you must learn to use your own strength. This is your special training. Whether you can come out to avenge the elderly depends on how well you grasp your own strength?"
At the same time, Chaduc fell into a yellow sand barrier, surrounded by sandstorms that he was familiar with, and black storms that made him unable to stand. This aroused his hatred, and in madness, he punched and kicked, hysterically, and completely went crazy among the salons, sand tigers and sand hawks.
Outside the boundary, Milan watched Chaduc scurrying around like a headless fly, and couldn’t help crying anxiously, "Chairman, will Brother Chaduc be all right? I am this one relative! "
Among the eight people around, the front one smiled and said, "Milan, I feel distressed. Don’t worry, it will be fine. Only in this way can Chaduc’s biological parents untie their hearts. When he breaks through the sand, gets the equipment and reads your newspaper clippings about your father’s murder in the past three years, he will know how to do it."
"Scared", this person is scared to be a heavenly heart!
It turned out that Tianxin returned to Earth on the 10th day of the first month and went to Nucheng. The achievements of the 1,000 space-based soldiers were amazing, which made him very satisfied. All-military training gave them the quality of soldiers, and the education of the best culture made them well-read. To his surprise, these soldiers not only grew into adults in these three years, but also all broke into the second floor of Gankun Tower and took the Chaos God Tactics. Although they were not as successful as Chaduc, they were not much lower.
These "little guys", it’s time to join the WTO! Hey, hey, let them toss a company by themselves! Walk into the world with a brand-new cultural attitude and see how the world reacts!
After making up his mind, he didn’t disturb these space-based fighters who practiced on the second floor of Gankun Tower, and went directly to Baiyun Center to wait for Tong Ya, to give President Qi a surprise.
The scenery of Baiyunju is still the same, but it is very quiet. It seems that the seventh president really regards it as a means of transportation to all parts of the country. The rooms where several people used to live were neat and clean, but when you look at them clearly, it has been a long time since people lived. He didn’t know that, except Guo Xiangdong and Jiwu, several other women set their sights on the depths of the universe, practicing hard in their own Tianzi towers, and looking forward to accompanying him to roam the universe one day. Therefore, in Baiyunju, of course, he can’t find anyone.
Go to the headquarters building of Tianxin Group. It’s time to go to work again, and I seem to have become a "raw" person. Forget it, and meet them again in the evening. Therefore, passive optical nerve communication technology was studied in Baiyunju. He decided to put one of the two optical nerve wave field receiving systems studied in space in the headquarters building and the other in the country. After all, the country has more "energy"!
"Duh, eyes wide open." Heavenly heart drinks lightly.
Under the micro-eye condition, the dense neural wave field in space has changed a little on the earth’s surface. If the neural wave field in space is linearly expanded, it is truly wavy on the earth, bouncing up and down around an axis. In the atmosphere, on the surface or even under the ground, trillions of such axes are connected in parallel to form an ubiquitous "spider web". Normally, these cobwebs are three-dimensional and distinct, but as long as a certain point is slightly stressed, that cobweb will oscillate and diverge in all directions, with a speed that is beyond the eye’s reach.
Slowly vibrating his own brain waves, Tianxin adjusted the frequency to the same as the earth’s nerve wave field and connected it, but in just one minute, he cut off the nerve waves. No reason, it hurts too much. As soon as it is connected with the nerve wave field of the earth, the earth is almost equivalent to its own flesh. Then drilling wells and oil, earthquakes, volcanoes and wars in the Middle East, the pain is frequent, just like cutting a wound on your own flesh and then sprinkling salt. After a long time, who can stand it, but it is a good way to cultivate the spirit!
Can’t accept it with the neural wave field of the earth, what about connecting it with the neural wave field of the atmosphere? This time, it is another feeling. The neural wave field in the atmosphere is really like water, which is very flexible. When anything invades, it expands its inclusive characteristics, wraps the invaded things, and exerts its indeterminacy to the extreme, belonging to the kind of drilling at the sight of holes and penetrating everything. It doesn’t hurt, which makes Tianxin like it, so he connects his brain with the neural wave field of the atmosphere in front of the receiving system.
"Boom", another horizon unfolds. The visual nerve of Tianxin makes the eyes truly "clairvoyant", but it is not important. What is important is that the passive optical nerve system has become a truly visible early warning system. If there is any change on the earth, the brain connected with the atmospheric nerve wave field will receive it, just like the calf is bitten by a mosquito, the pain nerve will let the brain know, thus commanding the hand to beat the hateful mosquito with a big stick.
Of course, the interaction between sensory nerves and visual nerves, with the help of the atmospheric nerve wave field, Tianxin also has a perspective eye that no longer needs the help of gods to "sweep the earth’s surface" as before, that is, as long as there is an atmosphere, no matter how far away or how many obstacles there are, he can see and touch it. Of course, if you like, the gods can be transformed into small hands, patting the sexy zone of beauty MM.
This is no longer a passive optical nervous system in the micro-sense and magnified in space. That system needs special neural radar, receiving system, alarm device, imaging system and a powerful transaction processing system, which is much more troublesome and costly. Oddly, no one can build it and no one knows it except himself. These things, to put it simply, may not be explained for three days and nights. Let’s make a few of them and throw them on the earth. The civilian side is for the group, and the military side is for the country. Everything is for safety!
After covering the whole earth with neural radar, it’s getting late, and Baiyunju is still so quiet! With a change of eyes, under the newly formed neural network, the seven presidents practiced in the tower of Tianzi one by one. After three years of sight, the only feeling was that two men, Guo Xiangdong and Jiwu, became younger, while several female presidents were more elegant and mature. Capability, natural or childlike, this Steve actually got the basic work tactic of chaotic gods. With the help of the aura of the emperor’s tower, Longjing, which was quickly absorbed, it was already far beyond the other six presidents.
When he was happy, he suddenly found it a bit embarrassing. The Tianzi series towers all had owners. In Nu City, he either went to Kunta or settled in the small Curie in the city. Gankunta is now used by space-based soldiers, and it must be very noisy. Going to Xiaoju, there is a little bit of that again.
It’s better to live in Baiyun! In the future, if you have time, use a micro-eye, and then refine it.
Quietly visiting the Emperor’s Tower, the cultivation of chaotic gods’ tactics is definitely not as disturbing as the cultivation of internal energy. Look at Tong Ya, whose face is bright and radiant, and her face is bright and ruddy, so she can’t help but kiss him and wait quietly for Tong Ya to wake up.
According to Tong Ya’s present level, he should be able to walk side by side with him. Of course, his skill training needs to be strengthened. I just don’t know if she can stand the blue star fruit, which blooms in ten thousand years, bears fruit in ten thousand years, matures in ten thousand years, and then stays in the branch for many ten thousand years.
When he thinks about it, he penetrates into the sea of Tong Ya’s consciousness, wakes her up, and then takes out a blue star fruit for the surprised Tong Ya to eat and run the chaos god tactic, while he protects the law. Bluestar fruit is almost instant in the mouth, and its powerful drug power is driven by the chaotic gods’ tactic. Darling, that speed can spark with the atmosphere, but Tongya’s body has already escaped the attraction of gravity, and it has risen unconsciously, with a flush on its face and a painful look. He quickly laid the results so that Tongya will not rise any more. Then, he operated some gods to enter Tongya’s body to maintain the swollen meridians, and pinched the tactic with his left hand and clung to Tongya’s vest with his right palm. After nine turns, Tong Ya fell from the air and settled down.
I used to eat this blue star fruit as a meal, but now I think about it. I really don’t know how many ten thousand years I have been lying in that quiet space-time world. I have to accept the reiki transformation in the world in a state of silence before I can bear the medicine of blue star fruit. It seems that it is too early to give the original blue star fruit to the other six presidents.
The transformation of the efficacy of Bluestar Fruit has the same effect as Chaduc’s transformation of combining Yin and Yang in the sand bottom. The former is quick and the latter is slow. Either way, it needs a strong will, because the endless pain is really unbearable for ordinary people. Of course, if it happens by chance, you can enter a state of silence, hand over your mind, and let the spiritual force destroy and repair it. Just like Chaduc, you can achieve magic in ignorance as time goes by.
At five o’clock in the morning, Tong Ya woke up from meditation, and Tianxin taught her photonics. When they talked and laughed, they felt warm. Tong Ya didn’t see Tianxin for several years, and she was obsessed with it. "Hold your hand and grow old with your son." In Tianxin’s eyes, there is endless affection and wonder how to be a pair of space immortals.
"Yaya, in the future, the position of president of this space-based education co., Ltd. will be handed over to Reggie and Qin Zhi. These two little people can just pile up with the little people in various colleges. Space-based soldiers should see the world."
"Brother Xin, what shall I do?"
"You don’t do anything, just walk around with me, just like when we visited Lanzhou. However, this time, instead of traveling around the earth, we traveled in space. Think about it. It has been almost 10 years since it was popularized. The country’s spacecraft should have been built. They immigrated and we became guides."
"good! However, the big sister, the second sister, He Jie and Li Jie also want to go out! "
"As long as they practice enough, they can go anywhere they want!" Tianxin readily agreed, in his view, the vast void of the universe, a few more friends, but also a little angry, temporarily ignored, trapped in a game set by a few girls, which provoked my girl to snigger.
"By the way, our space city has been built, and the staff are already in place. We don’t know what to do, and we are waiting for you to come back and make up your mind." Tong Ya changed the subject.
"Not for space immigrants?"
"What about the spaceship?"