长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 广州98场推荐,广州夜网 Tianxin also doesn’t want Geng Hua to lose his territory, and there is no living environment in heaven and earth. Such a place is equivalent to a rare oasis in the desert. Therefore, although Geng Hua’s territory is small, it is also the foundation. If this site exists, then he doesn’t need to "rely on others". If this site exists, he will have a space for development.

Tianxin also doesn’t want Geng Hua to lose his territory, and there is no living environment in heaven and earth. Such a place is equivalent to a rare oasis in the desert. Therefore, although Geng Hua’s territory is small, it is also the foundation. If this site exists, then he doesn’t need to "rely on others". If this site exists, he will have a space for development.


In this way, Geng Hua went out of the ground, Tianxin contributed, and Xiaokangmen grew rapidly. Geng Hua’s site was named Panlongcheng.
There are so many beauties in Jiangshan that countless heroes are bent over.
Fiona Fang in Panlong City is hundreds of millions of kilometers. In the eyes of practitioners, this is an endless Yuan Ye, but in the eyes of Taoists, it is a promise in the eyes of mortals, which is nothing.
If such a land wants to keep people or make people willing to shed their blood, it must be built into a truly orderly free world and a paradise for Taoists.
But building such a world is undoubtedly an ultimate test in a well-off day when the strong are like forests. The power of heavenly heart is not absolute, and the yellow-green world can’t be used yet. Although there is a purple iron sword that can open the sky, the sword is not the world after all. It may be stronger than the spiritual world, but there is a big gap in protection.
Fortunately, the Taoist is the Taoist, and the quality of the Taoist is not comparable to that of the yogi. It is difficult for practitioners to master their own worldly desires, and they often become immortals or demons, while Taoists are different. By practicing the world or learning how to practice the world, every Taoist knows the importance of rules, and once he chooses others’ rules, he will try his best to abide by them.
All kinds of forces in a well-off society, including Qingyun, Qingqiong and Qingxuan, pay too much attention to controlling their franchisees, making it difficult to join and even more difficult to quit, and rarely giving Taoists room for further development. This model can’t be said to be bad, but it has defects. It pushes all Taoists into the road of cultivating the world. If Taoists want to climb high, they have to work hard to cultivate a high-quality world. This has formed an atmosphere of focusing only on oneself and not on the outside, and relying on the weather to eat. Well-off days in this atmosphere, the achievements of Taoists are getting higher and higher, but the construction of a well-off environment is getting lower and lower.
Tianxin, from the world of stars to the sky of nine, knows very well that the architecture that is too internal is not a harmonious development architecture. This architecture makes people’s ability to develop nature extremely poor, and it is a purely consumption-oriented architecture with extremely low utilization rate of resources.
Of course, Tianxin did not do the opposite when building Panlong City. Since cultivating the world has become an ethos, there is no need to change this custom. Five halls of xiaokangmen. Those who are willing to join can join, and those who are unwilling to join can also live in Panlongcheng. Xiaokangmen does not impose any restrictions on these residents, but these residents have to pay a certain fee.
This is already a bit of a national practice!
And this kind of practice naturally attracted the laughter of the forces of a well-off society. Moreover, the setting of the five halls of Xiaokangmen is also their laughing stock. They think that some tangkou is completely unnecessary.
Tianxin has no theory about these jokes. Time suddenly passed, dazzling for a year. The population of Panlongcheng has entered the 3,000-level, and it is gradually prosperous …
The pearl has formed. The pearls are shining.
What used to be a small oasis has now become a pleasant super oasis. This embarrassed the comedian. The growth of the well-off door also makes gangs like Tiejin panic. The inner city Sanmen Qingyun, Qingqiong and Qingxuan began to pay attention to the Panlong model because many Taoists flowed to Panlong City.
However, these guys have no excuse to attack Panlongcheng. Panlongcheng is a completely open world. Except for some forbidden areas, any Taoist can come and go whenever he wants, or live whenever he wants, as long as he pays unlimited money.
Panlongcheng is in the form of such a hub. Drive the well-off days to rotate forward.
It turns out that the foreign affairs hall of Xiaokangmen, which is empty of doors, is lively!
I wonder if this is the pulley of fate! Another seven years have passed, that is, the tenth year when Tianxin came to the infinite world. The Panlong model was recognized by the forces of well-off heaven and all Taoists under the means of combining the rigidity and softness of Tianxin, and the number of Taoists living in Panlong City reached 10,000. The five halls of the well-off gate are full of talents, and the well-off days are full of vitality. In this excellent situation, in this heavenly heart to a higher level of love prizes, foreign "horseshoe" broke this atmosphere!
The horses and beasts in the boundless world are just like those in Xingyuan world, but they are not as tame as the horses in Xingyuan world. A boundless horse, with two small horns on its head that can send lightning, can spit fire in its mouth, its hoofs are like clouds, and its feet rumble, and it can be as fast as a big move when flying empty …
It is this beast that set foot in yunma, carrying a group of "quasi-refugees" to a well-off world, and also bringing all kinds of news about a well-off world.
"How many years, I can finally return to this former hometown!"
When a horse stepped on the beast of yunma, a three-meter old man with white hair and beard expressed his feelings when he looked at a well-off day.
"Grandfather, well-off naive have you described so beautiful? Is Baling handsome every day? Is it fun to have Baling Day? " Another horse stepped on the beast of yunma, and a little girl asked Lian Zhu.
"Well …" The old man was speechless. He looked around at hundreds of his master’s children who were riding pale and hard, but did not answer the little girl’s question. Well-off days, his memory of well-off days a thousand years ago is really scarce, even after a thousand years, how much better it may be. If he hadn’t fled and had no place to go, how could he have dug out a well-off day from the depths of his memory?
Fiona Fang, a well-off day, is only a few thousand light-years away in memory. Compared with the tens of millions of light-years in Baling, a well-off day is not even a tiny place. The population of Xiaokangtian was only a few thousand when he left, but the population of Balingtian, where he traveled and settled, reached 10 million at that time.
The more the old man thinks about his face, the more miserable he looks. In one thousand years, he finally set up an inheritance in Baling Heaven and Earth, but it was destroyed because of the war. Now there are only 300 people left in thousands of disciples and children, and dozens of lineal descendants are still fighting in Baling Heaven and Earth. Their own world has also changed from a green world to a metaphysical world, and their own cultivation has suddenly dropped from a middle-class Taoist to a middle-class Taoist, and they have to quit Baling Heaven and Earth.
"Just, after retiring to a well-off day, is it possible to go back to Baling Day in the future?"
The old man was disappointed.
The old man didn’t know that thousands of light-years behind them, there were two riding fangs following. The pledge knight laughed. "General Liu Yu guessed well.
Xin Long Daozhe fruit has a rear base. Gaga. Brothers, stay close. When the lair is dug up in the newspaper, the general will remember our great achievements! "
"Boss, I don’t like this credit. Look at the miserable situation of Xin Long’s old son, and you will know that his lair is not so good, and it may still be a wilderness. According to information, Xin Long’s old son settled in Baling Day 1000 years ago. Look at this old son’s twists and turns, and he won’t return to his hometown for 1000 years. He can’t find the world where he was born. "
"Anyway, follow first. The general has orders. It doesn’t matter to these Taoists, what matters is to dig out their foothold and find a new habitable world. "
"Don’t worry, boss, at the speed of this old man’s procrastination, we can’t lose him."
Facts have proved that old people in Xin Long have a super memory, even if they haven’t returned to their hometown for thousands of years. After wandering around in the chaotic air, I still found a well-off day. And become speechless for the status quo of well-off days. Because the well-off day is not the well-off day in his memory, and it is even very prosperous in some points!
And the two riders with fangs behind them are already full of eyes. "In this borderless remote area, there is such a delicate little world. Gaga, this is a great achievement! "
"Boss, now that we have the clue, what should we do next?"
"Advanced to stroll, touch bottom. Then report back to the general … "
Don’t escape group and two detective riding suddenly don’t know what they see is panlongcheng. In a well-off day, only Panlongcheng gives people this kind of vision. Although the rest of the forces also learn from the Panlong model, the scale of construction is far less than that of Panlong City, and the "caves and blessed land" are not as beautiful, broad and full of vitality as Panlong City.
Moreover, although Panlongcheng is fully open. However, the safety facilities have not been relaxed at all, and the monitoring of the vision has even extended to the whole well-off day.
Therefore. As soon as more than 300 Taoists appeared in a well-off day. Xiaokangmen Wuzhi Hall got a report, which was tight inside and loose outside.
Landing on land, looking at a beautiful world full of vitality and regularity, looking at a commercial area that is not lively but not quiet. The Taoist in Xin Long, a Taoist in Tianxu Gate, has a sour feeling. "Changed, everything has changed! I don’t know each other! "
The homesickness of Xinlong Taoist did not express for a long time, because he remembered a very important question. Today’s well-off days are nothing like those of the past. At this level, all the places where people can live may be taken, so where can we find a foothold?
"Grandfather, let’s find a place to live first!" Lovely granddaughter reminded.
"All right, let’s take off and go to the inner city." Xinlong Taoist waved.
In the inner city, Xin Long Taoists are doomed to be beaten. Qingyun, Qingqiong and Qingxuan had many good friends in those days. If Xin Long Taoist has only a dozen younger generations, those three sects welcome Xinlong Taoist to join the land.
But now there are more than 300 children of Xinlong Taoists, including four in Xuanpin, twelve in Shenpin, thirty-six in Huangpin, nearly a hundred in limbo, and the following are children. Although children account for a whole half, it is always a powerful force, and we also know that this is a complete sect in reminiscence. So, how dare the Sanqing Sect take in the Xinlong Taoist and his party? Is Xin Long offered to buy a place to stay without money, Qingyun, Qingqiong and Qingxuan are also unwilling to agree. Just kidding, putting Tianxu Gate in the inner city is definitely a powder keg, and the three-point inner city will become a four-point inner city.
The three sects unanimously suggested that Xin Long’s old friends go to Panlongcheng to buy a paradise!
Xin Long Taoist school is supreme, how can he not know the way of Sanqing Sect, and not say much? He just wants to have a foothold now, so he asks about the general situation of Panlongcheng. The Sanqing Sect was ashamed of this old friend, so it described in detail the changes of Xiaokangtian in the last ten years.
"What, main level tao? In Xiaokangtian, there actually appeared a master Taoist. " Xin Long was surprised.
"Exactly," explained an old friend of Sanqing Sect with a wry smile. "On a well-off day, probably only the master Taoist in the outer urban xiaokangmen dared to allow him to send a master and a free Taoist to stay in Panlongcheng, the headquarters of xiaokangmen. Xin Long’s old friend, unless we don’t want you to stay in the inner city, the inner city is really backward. Staying in the inner city will do you more harm than good … "
"Ha ha, sirs friends don’t mention it. The old man only wanted a place to stay, but I didn’t expect Panlongcheng to have a cave to sell. That’s great. Dear Taoist friends, when we and our door settle down, we will invite all Taoist friends to get together. Remote talk that year! " Xin Long Taoist eyes shot off. A faint smile appeared on his face.