Just then a sharp whistling sounded.


"People from Tianwu County have already come."
"Please return the first seat of the four veins for review."
Chapter 147 One person is missing
Chapter 147 One person is missing
The four-pulse platform is the first to straighten its skirt and strive to maintain its majesty.
But their eyes swept towards the platform.
There are a group of boys and girls here.
They are radiant, peaceful, considerate and cruel.
Although these people have different expressions, everyone’s face reveals a hint of arrogance.
Selected person
This is the top talent selected by the major cities in Tianwu County through layer-by-layer assessment.
Taibai Jianzong was selected
These candidates, Chu Donghe, are suspected to be the most dazzling
At an early age, he has cultivated to a semi-sacred land, and he is one step away from being able to seek a saint that adults dream of.
Moreover, he is the younger brother of the Chu family, Chu Jing Tian.
On the strength, talent and background, Chudong River is the strongest.
Four pulse first eyes have more than half staring at him.
Next to ChuDonghe is Zhao Hanhai.
Although Zhao Jialai was very low-key, Zhao Hanhai’s nine-story strength in the mysterious realm stood out from the crowd and instantly gave others away. Moreover, Zhao Hanhai and Zhao Mu were both Zhao family members, and their identity background was a bit unusual.
The few remaining candidates are almost all the strength of Tongxuan boundary layer.
There are even two candidates who are on the seventh floor of Tongxuan.
Who is strong and who is weak is clear at a glance.
"Well, let’s just pick a brother as usual, and we’ll rush to Xiaofeng first."
With a wave of his hand, Chen Yao stared directly at Chudong River without asking the first opinion of Yu Sanmai, "Brother Tai, you are a person to sign up."
"Report to my predecessors that I am the Chudong River in Jinghua City."
Chen Yao was very satisfied with Chu Donghe’s supercilious performance.
And ChuDong river body ChuGu brother didn’t show off without those aristocratic brothers disdainful is to let Chen yao secretly nod.
"Very good"
Chen Yao laughed heartily. "I am Chen Yaochu Donghe, the first building of Taibai Sword Zongchong Xiaofeng. I personally appreciate you. I want to invite you to join me. I wonder if you will?"
When this statement came out, everyone was surprised.
Everyone was stunned to see that Chen Yao caused a noise.
"This old man turned out to be the first one in Chongxiao Peak?"
"My day Chu Donghe was invited by the first one, which is a great chance."
Those people who saw me off and the onlookers had already fried the pot.
They looked at the Chudong River and their eyes were full of jealousy.
ChuDonghe’s face showed surprise and he didn’t promise.
Instead, he pondered over it and asked, "Chen Shouyi, please forgive my brother. As far as I know, Taibai Jianzong seems to have a younger brother to be qualified to worship the Four Veins."
"I am the younger brother of Taibai Jianzong now. What qualifications do I have to worship Chongxiao Peak?"
Chu Donghe’s caution makes Chen Yao more fond of it.
What’s more, the first seat of the three veins also shows jealousy.
"Good question"
Chen Yao explained lightly with his hands, "We Taibai Jianzong are saints’ sects, and only when we step into the saint territory can we become the elite saint territory of Taibai Jianzong, and fighters can become the outer brothers, which is the periphery of Taibai Jianzong."
"It’s not that easy to be a cousin."
"In addition to practicing outside the saints, you have to make a lot of contributions to the sects in order to qualify as a younger brother."
Chen Yao took a token out of his arms and threw it in front of Chudong River. "But our four first seats are special. You don’t need to do those heavy repairs to get there, so you can become a younger brother."
"You … would you like to worship me at the peak of Xiao Feng?"
ChuDonghe took the token frown meditation.
It was not until a long time later that he made up his mind to say, "Thank you, Chen Shoutou, for loving me. Chudong River is willing to worship Chongxiao Peak."
Chen Yao was very pregnant after receiving the Chudong River.
He just sat back in his seat and Sun Ji jumped out eagerly.
"This young man, you are a person to sign up."
Sun Ji looked at Zhao Hanhai commanding.
No matter how anxious he is, he has to try to maintain his majesty.
With the lessons of Chu Donghe, Zhao Hanhai also knows that his opportunity has come.
He learned to bow his hand to the Chudong River, and said, "Report to my predecessors, I am Zhao Hanhai of Muzhou."
"Very good!"
Sun Ji nodded, "I am the first Sun Ji of the Four Seas Peak of Taibai Jianzong, and I appreciate you very much. I wonder if you would like to invite you to join me."
"I do"
Zhao Hanhai did not hesitate.
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