长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 蒲友网 The deeper this array is, the greater the attack power will be, and the more frequent the power will be, that is, Yan Qi will not be relaxed enough, and the people who are covered with blood will not only be Bao Yunhan.

The deeper this array is, the greater the attack power will be, and the more frequent the power will be, that is, Yan Qi will not be relaxed enough, and the people who are covered with blood will not only be Bao Yunhan.


Yuan Ye, are you ok or not? There are still many injuries in that body. Coulson is finally the first one who can’t help roaring and the danger of being attacked is getting bigger and bigger, and this broken array doesn’t seem to have a clue, which doesn’t make Coulson worry.
I said I was 60% sure in one day, but I didn’t say I would break it. Besides, isn’t this day here yet? Yuan Ye is in a bad mood at the moment.
Then tell me what happened.
No progress at all.
You’re kidding me. Coulson suddenly howled and looked at Yuan Ye’s body. The flash of light was a strong breath of dazzling purple light, as if even Coulson was in a hurry. He was weak outside the table, but his temper was far from as good as his appearance.
Wait a minute, a big drink rings, and Bao Yunhan’s quarrelling is also a sudden quiver. The momentum is no weaker than Kesen’s
Coulson looked at Bao Yunhan coldly. Bao Yunhan, what do you mean? This little guy cheated us. Now I’m going to punish him. Are you going to stop him, too?
Bao Yunhan, who has been trapped together for hundreds of years, knows that Kesen’s temper is elegant and quiet, but he is often angry. He will vent his dissatisfaction and let the other party pay the price.
If Yuan Ye succeeded in breaking the array, he also saved you. I succeeded. Yuan Ye didn’t ask us to give him any thanks, and we didn’t say how to thank him for saving us. Even if you are going to fail, you want to kill him. It doesn’t seem good. Bao Yunhan didn’t give in at all.
He broke the array, that’s what he told us. What do you want us to thank? Corson couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculous smell.
So it’s his fault that he failed to break the array. It seems that you didn’t, did you? Bao Yunhan also sneered, but his failure got me into trouble, which made me covered in injuries. Coulson suddenly binged.
In this way, he succeeded, and you have to be exposed, but it is also tit-for-tat for Yunhan to escape from this array.
Your eyes were red at once, and your murder also oppressed Bao Yunhan in the past. You are pretending to help this small one.
Before Bao Yunhan spoke, suddenly another line was not weaker than Ke Sen’s, and the breath of Bao Yunhan was surging. Ke Sen, don’t treat yourself too much as a thing. How great it would be to get to this last line? I told you that this array will be broken for one day, two days, two days, ten days and one hundred days. You are not qualified to stop me, and there is no such thing.
I’ll try you when the big statue turns to coercion. When Kesen drinks a cold drink, his personal brush rises to the sky in an instant, and at the same time, a white light descends from the leaping place as if a white dragon roared, causing ripples to diffuse in all directions. The white dragon stung him and looked at him coldly. Yuan Ye
Hum In the face of Kesen’s crazy attack, Yuan Ye went head-on directly.
I heard a loud noise, and then a crack sounded, and the boom area was in shock. At this moment, a white fan in Kesen’s hand was a ferocious and horrible spike, and Yuan Ye’s hand was also Crimson Lotus’s sword.
But I don’t see how long you can last. Coulson laughs wildly, but the personal ghosting and the collision of the other cyan ghosting are shocking and the ground doesn’t break.
Blink of an eye, two people have passed at least a hundred times.
Call two people apart
Kesen momentum rainbow right hand holding the fan ShaQi more sharp.
And Yuan Ye still stands with a sword, the momentum hasn’t changed, the breathing is still calm, and the state of mind is actually average before the war.
Bastard, I want you to die. Coulson suddenly rushed to Yuan Ye in a rage.
Die Yuan Ye is also a place to drink suddenly a bright sun and a moonlight water quarrelling in front of Yuan Ye, and then this force directly rushed to Ke Sen.
Sun and Moon Blend Lei Zhen Yin and Yang.
It’s not good. In that day, Corson felt a great sense of threat at the moment when he merged. In this law, Corson should be careful when he merged the two great powers with five turns, while Yuan Yeri’s spirit with six turns is comparable to that of the great power. Once these two powers are merged, their power is by no means less than that of the three forces in the law.
But all this happened in an instant, and Kesen rushed to Yuan Ye at a very fast speed. Today, he has to dodge the roots again and can’t fight hard. Chapter 1373 Array door.
Boom heard a flash roar sounded that Coulson was also thrown away from the middle with a touch of blood.
Son of a bitch just hit the ground, and it’s already seriously injured. Corson’s eyes are red, and he suddenly rises from the ground, regardless of his own injuries. The momentum is even stronger. Can you kill me? You can’t recruit after that.
That’s enough. At this moment, that bag of Yunhan suddenly drank heavily. Stop it, both of you, Corson. Don’t blame the old man for killing you again.
Hearing Bao Yunhan binge drinking in that rage, Kesen looked at it coldly only to find that Bao Yunhan’s eyes were even fiercer. But he didn’t know this package, but once he got angry, no one could stop him. The most important thing was that he couldn’t beat Bao Yunhan.
Bao Yunhan, I’ve been trapped with you for hundreds of years, so it’s kind of you to help him instead of helping me.
If you don’t help anyone, you want to go there. Isn’t it a few hours before a day passes? Even if one day passes, you want to go the next day, but you’re afraid of death and don’t want to take risks. You’re a fucking fart. Bao Yunhan is also cursed
Okay, this time I’ll put up with it. Don’t let me seize the opportunity, or I’ll make you look at Yuan Ye with great resentment. He’s actually not weaker than Yuan Ye, and his unique skill is stronger than the terrible force that attacked him just now. But his carelessness turned out to be a serious injury, which made Ke Sen feel a great shame. But Ke Sen now knows that his state is really unfit to fight again. His injury is more serious than it seems, and Bao Yunhan has to hand it.
Seize the opportunity. Hum, I’m afraid I’ll give you a chance. You didn’t do that either. Yuan Ye put a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and at the same time, this array of Crimson Lotus swords started. I suspect it’s a very huge array. Because I’ve gone so far, he still hasn’t changed. An ordinary array can’t change regularly until now. I decided to go to heaven to see if it would be more dangerous to fly. That’s not what I expected.
It’s the same winding road, but a person can find nine roads and ten bends when walking on the surface, but this road is extremely vast and a long detour is marginal. You can’t see that it’s a bend because you have to go straight for a long, long time at every point, but you can’t reach the end, but you fly in the sky and fly to a very high place, so no matter how big the road is, you can see whether it’s straight or curved.
Can you fly to hear Yuan Ye’s words? That bag of Yunhan and others are all frightened. There are two possibilities for flying on the third floor. One is to hold the purple seventy-two soul energy. Yuan Ye is definitely not a big statue, but isn’t he hiding the breath orange soul energy? How can he still hold the purple soul energy?
I didn’t explain much. Yuan Ye flew directly to Wan Zunxing, which is also the first time that Yuan Ye flew. The feeling of not flying for a long time also hit my heart, which made Yuan Ye unable to help but get excited again. But now it is not an exciting time. Yuan Ye just keeps flying.
Not long after Yuan Ye’s flight, a large array suddenly became more cuddly, and the purple flame was more terrible than the previous flame. The flame crashed from the sky, and at the same time, the lightning and ice spirit also fell to the ground. The NO FENG フウカ blade was also attacked by a geomagnetic force.
A large array became a hell at the moment.
This bastard, is he trying to kill us all here? Kesen’s face changed, and Bao Yunhan’s face changed, too. The danger of such a fierce attack is too great. None of them can guarantee that they will survive.
Cut the crap and you can’t live. Is it your luck to wait for Yuan Ye to come back, or is it your luck to pack Yunhan growling from the depths of his throat and preparing to fight against this sky-high attack?
Yanqi Kesen’s face is dignified and ready to resist even the little jerk will gather up the cynicism.
On the edge of the rumble, all kinds of forces are coming one after another, so don’t merge their forces during the attack.
The earth is rolling in the sky.
Qi oscillates at the wind blade.