长沙桑拿论坛,长沙品茶网,长沙夜网论坛 蒲友网 Hearing Zhou Muwang’s voice, Tianxin stopped and turned. "Your Majesty is willing to pay for the consultation!"

Hearing Zhou Muwang’s voice, Tianxin stopped and turned. "Your Majesty is willing to pay for the consultation!"


"Let it be, as you wish," Zhou Muwang’s eyes moved from his feet to Kong Zhou, whose face was covered with blood, and moved back to his feet from the whole body of the hole, as if to measure whether it is better to drive Kong Zhou away or to pay one tenth of the king’s land and one tenth of the people. For a long time He spoke, "Love Qing, if I don’t need Confucius, who is famous all over the world, it will be short of people …"
"There is no need for the king to worry about this. After expelling Kong Zhou, the king can use someone as the host of the ceremony." As the eyes flashed a fine mans.
"This ….." Zhou Muwang and its etiquette surprised.
"Yes, this is the fee. If after Kong Zhou stepped down, another Kong Zhou-like guy will preside over the ceremony, so how can it be regarded as a consultation fee? " As unhappy way. "The king didn’t even think of this!"
Zhou Muwang smell speech eyes flashed position. Before he could speak, the etiquette of the temple knelt down. "Your Majesty, this man is blatantly plotting to restore the position of Zhou Guo, and he should be treated as a felony …"
"Bullshit," as a cow again, such as the wind strength, will kick down big week etiquette one by one, "Lao tze cure, good reputation. On the contrary, you are inferior. Procrastination and cheating, paying for the consultation but not paying. Seek a new position. It’s time to get the position of Zhou Guo, and it’s just a charge, so that you can understand that nothing in this world can be free. We are used to taking advantage, getting used to eating and taking for free, and we will punish someone if they don’t get what they want. This is outrageous! It is said that the doctor’s parents care, but for your baiwenhang, this parent’s heart is not worth mentioning. " As said, "turn around and face Zhou Muwang again. "Big king, the disease is your life, and the big week is yours, so how can you do it? Make up your mind by yourself, and don’t be influenced by these guys and miss your own life! "
As a mad move. Let Zhou Muwang look silly, Kong Zhou silly, several etiquette whining also silly. However, the voice of Tianxin woke them up again.
Zhou Muwang was bitter in his heart and stared at Tianxin mercilessly. "It’s too arrogant for a gentleman to talk without starting work!"
"The king is wrong. A certain piece of heart is here. If some people are not unruly and their mouths are not like gentlemen, a certain fist will not be a gentleman. The so-called gentleman can’t be defined only in the hands. " Heavenly heart primly looked at Kong Zhou. "My Lord, don’t you think so?"
"This ….." Kong Zhou was speechless.
"Well, stop that now," Zhou Muwang got a headache. "I pay your fee is. Listen, there is a wild area near the Great Shura Country, the Great Bright Country and the Great Sage Country, which is large enough to cover more than one-tenth of the land of Great Zhou. This land, I will be with you, I hope you don’t think it is too barren. As for one-tenth of the people, Qing will think for himself. "
"Line, that’s settled! Since the king is willing to pay, then one will ensure that the king will never have a head disease again. " As loudly way.
As soon as the agreement was reached, Zhou Muwang drove to yiguang for treatment.
By the time Zhou Muwang’s brain tumor was scattered and his head disease stopped, it was already a ups and downs in Tianjing City. Obviously, the "transaction" between yiguang and Zhou Wangting in the past few days has been known, and it is getting hot!
"This guy is brave enough to blackmail the king. Nobody wants to give away that rough land, but it’s a shame for us to be taken away like this. " Zhou Muwang’s die-hard fans are furious.
"The owner is mighty and unyielding, and he should be a model for us." The prodigal people are humanitarian.
"This person is really hateful," the vassal states and the giants in Tianjing City gasped.
"Go to see a doctor. In a few days, maybe yiguang will be blocked in the future. " Wang people exclaimed.
Days to industry, beichen boy’s voice is louder, "eldest brother, how can I say you! If the king wants to treat a disease, you can treat him. If he is cured, the reward can’t be lowered. Now, we have offended the whole Zhou court, and your consultation fee is too poor, which is not only a wild place, but also a barren place. Even if it is well managed in the future, it will face the embarrassment of the Great Shura Kingdom, the Great Bright Kingdom, the Great Sage Kingdom and even the Great Zhou Dynasty, and it will not end up as a wedding dress for others. "
"Beichen, eldest brother also how to say hello! You haven’t learned that land is rubbish in the eyes of other countries, but it is a treasure in the eyes of big brother. " Tianxin ignored Beichen’s howl. "Your Tianlai Industry is ready to move!"
"Of course, if you want to move, it’s already gone like this. If I stay in Tianjing, I won’t be the target for you. I don’t know when I will be killed!" Beichen didn’t good the spirit tunnel.
"It is good to know. Now your task is to end the industry, call the refugees with you, and tell the people in Tianjing that anyone who wants to move to Tianlai can get a lot of land. "
"Come to the country every day." Beichen was surprised.
"Yes, Tianlai country is the frontier wilderness that Zhou Muwang used as a medical fee."
"Eldest brother, you have too many tricks. If you don’t have a hair, you will come to the country. " Beichen sat down.
"Nonsense. There are not many famous names, and there is no style. How can people follow, and how can they be deterred from moving lightly? "
Deliberation hall of dazhou palace.
After Zhou Muwang recovered from his head disease, his eyes were clear, and the guards came to report. After listening to the content, he unconsciously burst into laughter. "This fellow is not ashamed to come to the country every day. The wild land outside China is just a buffer zone between our country, the overhaul country, the bright country and the great sage country. There are less than 100 thousand natives, haha, every day comes to the country … "
"Your majesty is wise," shouted the ministers. "That place is so bad that the princes don’t want it. It is his reward to give these wicked people."
"Not necessarily. I listened to this man’s tone and what he did in Tianjing. The ability is land. "
"The king is wise." The ministers don’t think so, so the wicked are only a few odd tricks. It’s a pity that the medical skill is superb.
After Zhou Muwang smiled, his eyes reappeared. "Ladies and gentlemen, how do you think our country will interact with this day?"
"Your majesty, it’s too early to talk about communication when you return to your country every day," said Kong Zhouyin, who does not do it. "I am humiliated by it and think deeply at home. I think these barbarians can’t be educated in the end. When the army soldiers. However, as the king said, this man is so arrogant and has some skills. Lend him a few years in the wilderness. Let him explore.
If there is improvement, the king can send troops to recapture it and repay him for insulting the king today. "
"We’ll see." Looking at the excited Kong Zhou, Zhou Muwang conation.
Compared with the leisure of the royal court of Zhou Dynasty, the days of Tianxin are not busy. The departure of Tianxin means that yiguang will move out of Tianjing City in the coming days. Now, it can make those nobles and tycoons with severe miscellaneous diseases worry badly. There is a precedent of Zhou Muwang being knocked, and they also have to curse and pay for medical treatment honestly. Although property is important, it’s useless to have it if you lose your life or are troubled by illness. The door of yiguang in the past few days was almost burst, and the pockets of Tianxin were extremely bulging.
Tianxin made a fortune, and Beichen boy fell into madness and cursed. Tianlai industry will move, so many industries will be sold, but at this juncture, businessmen in Tianjing City think that they were angry with Beichen before, and now they are desperate to keep the price down. This made Beichen, who regarded money as his life, almost hemoptysis, and kept saying, "Big loss, big loss!" As a last resort, he had to ask Yu Tianxin, Tianxin said, "All the wholly-owned industries in fall in price are sold; If the price is right, the shares in the joint venture industry will be sold, and if the price is wrong, the shares will be kept red. "
"I know that, but the joint venture industry is too huge. Without our sponsorship, these industries will collapse." Beichen pathetic tunnel.
"Really?" Tianxin shrugged. "Although others are not as smart as you, they are not stupid."
"They’re stupid," said Beichen, jumping eight feet high. "If these guys were stupid, they wouldn’t have raped me so hard."
"This is not enough." Tianxin smiled and patted Beichen. "Now, you shouldn’t focus too much on selling the industry, but should pay special attention to the guards and material reserves. Tianlaiguo is not closer than Qitiancheng, but really farther than Qitiancheng. Therefore, transportation such as Tianma and Shenxingqi should also be bought. "
"Eldest brother is not a flying fortress? The living space of the flying fortress is enough to accommodate tens of millions of people! "
"The flying fortress is thousands of miles away. Do you want to go this way? Moreover, when you get there, things can’t be produced in the field for a while. Without materials, you let everyone drink the northwest wind. "
"I know, eldest brother. Alas, those hateful stingy ghosts had better not be committed by my Beichen in the future, otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t knock them down to underwear. " Beichen long way out.
In 2100, with the rising sun in Liangshan, the capital of Tianjing was quiet for a long time. People’s mood is very complicated, quite complicated.
Of course, the mood of Tianxin and Beichen is also complicated, especially Beichen. This guy thought there would be a lot of people going to the country every day, but in fact, there are less than 100 thousand people willing to go to the country every day. And these 100 thousand people are almost freaks with various hobbies who are recruited by Tianxin on weekdays. The so-called weirdos are people with strange ideas. They are willing to follow Tianxin, and Tianxin is willing to invest in all kinds of research.
"Eldest brother, what do you think is wrong with the people in this capital? I paid a lot of money for Beichen, but no one wants to go."
"Life, if you can, no one wants to leave home, no one wants to stay away from the world. But … Congress will soon prosper in the past few days. "
"But, eldest brother, no one …"
"Who said no one," as whispered, "now that we have our own turf, it is not easy to gather some people. Orphans from mainland China alone are enough for China to digest. "
"Orphans?" Beichen thoughtfully.
"People to things to me, as long as you mind the day to the country. In fact, as long as you do well, at a certain stage. People will flock to the land of 20 billion square kilometers in Tianlai. "
"Eldest brother, I’ll try my best!" Beichen smell speech, think of in the heavenly heart to his auxiliary brain to see how many times more prosperous than the heavenly capital to prosperous music, "Gaga … I will be the great minister of public affairs. Go to his Penglai Island, and go to his heavenly palace and purple mansion. My heavenly kingdom is Penglai, which is the heavenly palace … "
Beichen’s confidence has grown infinitely, but Tianxin’s heart has swept away a trace of sadness. "Penglai, Tiangong. Maybe, maybe for a while. This dream is not so easy to realize. In other words, some people will not make this dream so easy for us to realize. Bao Jianfeng has been honed, plum blossoms have been bitter and cold, and a beautiful new world has not come out of blood. "
On this occasion, Zhou Wangting.
Zhou Muwang’s face is extremely ugly, pointing to a 007 kneeling on his royal highness. "What do you mean, a hundred thousand people in the country disappeared when they arrived thousands of miles away."
"Is, your majesty. I can’t follow too close. Therefore, only a breeze swept across the eyes and faces from a distance, and Shan Ye was silent. Afterwards, I went to explore. Nothing was found except a huge messy mountain. On that day, the 100,000 people and huge amounts of materials led by the Lord disappeared. I boldly speculate that they seem to have a flying boat and the like. Otherwise, there will be no escape from the supervision of the minister and his men. "
"But, strange, I have asked several mainland swift boat manufacturers in Tianjing, but there is no record of the Lord buying land swift boats every day. Your Majesty, I dare to tell you that the Lord who came that day may be a fairy. "
"I see, you go down, no, give me a personal trip to Tianlai country to determine whether the Lord of Tianlai country has arrived at the farm."